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5 Ultimate Ways to Break the Bias for Women in Media

break the bias

Happy International Women’s Day Month to my readers! On the occasion of IWD22, I would like to share various ways to break the bias against women in media-

There is a powerful African saying-

If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village!

African Saying

If the country heads across the world start taking action on educating and empowering women across the globe it can do wonders for our planet. Womenfolk carry the major responsibility of nurturing the future generation, therefore an empowered and educated woman can contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

There is certainly an increase in female presence in the workforce in comparison to previous years but active participation in the field of economic and political leadership is still missing. Media can play a very important role by breaking the biases against women-

  1. Media can give women more opportunities to share their views and opinions regarding various socio-political matters.
  2. Media can talk more about women in politics, business, leadership etc and coverage related to newsworthy women from these fields can set an example in front of other women and inspire them to think big.
  3. The media can stop defining and glorifying jobs based on gender. Particularly children are influenced most by gendered stereotypes in media from a very young age. If from childhood children are taught about the importance of gender equality, and equal work opportunities for both men and women then in coming years gender disparity can become history and it can help in establishing a balanced society.
  4. Media can work upon creating more content showcasing various women achievers as role models to set an example in front of young girls so they can get inspiration.
  5. Media can promote gender equality and the elimination of violence against women through impactful usage of storytelling and showcasing powerful stories talking about the importance of these topics.

International Women’s Day certainly helps in getting the attention of various organizations to work towards the empowerment of women globally, but it should not be a one-day affair of recognizing women achievers, planning new rules and regulations to help women, and initiating other women empowerment related projects. These activities should be part of the regular agenda to support women’s empowerment. International Women’s Day month is indeed a great time to come up with an action plan to raise the status of women globally.

Womenlines team wants to request the global network to support us to #breakthebias of #womeninmedia!

There is a requirement for a better portrayal of the women segment in media, by sharing more success stories, seeking their opinions regarding various issues, and giving more opportunities to them for voicing out their expertise.

At Womenlines we feel proud to say that we are using the power of digital media to empower women globally.

Through ‘Stellar Entrepreneur Show’ and ‘ Accomplished Professional Show’ we have showcased so many women entrepreneurs and professionals from multiple countries. Through the ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence’ show we have shared those success stories where the survivor has come out of the domestic violence and established themselves on their own in various countries. Through our health, leadership, and business segment we are publishing content from experts from different parts of the globe with the intention to empower women globally.

Let’s unite and work together to use media much better way to empower women and this can make our planet a much better place to live!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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