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Confederation of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) organising Global Women’s Business Summit (GWBS) 27-29 November

As an International Publication Partner Womenlines takes pleasure to call out all enterprising women entrepreneurs from across the globe who are serious to expand their business!

Women Entrepreneurs who are now looking to scale up, diversify, expand internationally or build global collaborations, this summit is a must to attend for you!

GWBS will co-create a platform for women leaders in India and globally, to share their success stories and to create a dialogue between countries on topics such as Go Global, Womenomics, Women in Leadership and Inclusiveness & Sustainability.

Free Registration at : t.ly/YIoW

  •  Know from experts, how their organizations have been involving women in their company’s core operations or value chains, thereby expanding women’s access to goods and services while creating more opportunities for their income generation and economic contribution.
  •  Leaders perspectives and examining the impact that female leaders can have in their organizations and in leadership.
  • Key insights on how women entrepreneurs can leverage the opportunities provided by the business ecosystem such as banks, state and national policies, fundraising infrastructure, etc., so as to create a bigger impact on their own and country’s economic health overall.

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