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Support Covidwidows.in to get Widows into the Workforce for Better Future

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Womenlines brings an opportunity to you to support the widows who have lost their husband due to Covid-19 in India. Covidwidows initiative is especially for women who have lost their husbands during the current Covid-19 pandemic and are struggling to take care of their family because their husbands were the sole breadwinner of the family. https://covidwidows.in/ has come up with this platform which can act as a bridge between the widows and supporters to give counselling, job opportunities, or any other support they require. In the above video hear from the founder of the initiative Yudhvir Mor what help he is seeking out from the global arena to support covid widows!


The team behind Covidwidows.in has intentions to empower women who have lost their partners due to the Covid pandemic. If as a widow you approach the team, rest assured, the first step has already been taken. The staff members will find the best fit for your skill sets and connect you with employers that you wish to work with. They intend to make this process swift and seamless so that you find independence and peace at the earliest.

They have collaborated with companies that are forerunners in their fields and take their Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously. These are leaders who share a vision not only to provide employment to bereaved women but also to give them avenues of professional growth and career development. Their work is not complete once you are employed. They want to make sure you enjoy your work and find ways to better yourself both professionally and personally. 

At this time a lot of groups are working to reach out and help sections of the society whose livelihoods are affected adversely by the pandemic directly and indirectly also. The aim of Covidwidows.in the organization is to focus on women who lost their partners who may/may not have been principal/sole breadwinners of the family. They understand that some of you may have put your careers on the back burner, prioritizing your families, and now with the loss of a spouse, you will need to support yourself or your kids and extended family too. 

With them, you will surely get to utilize your education/previous experience to find a job that interests you and also pays the bills. They will also strive to place women with little or no experience too. They request you not to hesitate and take the first step in a thousand-foot journey and together they will cover the distance comfortably.

Career counselling & connecting women to the right opportunities, help for interview preparation & support are the various services given by Covidwidows.in!

Credit goes to Yudhvir Mor, Country Manager and Vice President of Engineering at Zuora to come with the idea of the initiative Covidwidows. After reaching out to ex-colleagues, college friends, and industry leaders, Yudhvir started Covid Widow Help around 11 May and has been able to rally help from around 3,500 volunteers. 

“About 600 women reached out for support and we are looking for four kinds of personas to volunteer and help. This includes career and grief counsellors, industry leaders who can find necessary referrals, and professionals who can help with interview preparations,” Yudhvir says, adding, “Many are not ready for career guidance because they are in shock and traumatised.” 

The initiative does not accept any corporate or CSR sponsorship but it is looking for help from senior executives, media, and corporate houses to spread the word in their network.

Launched on May 11, Covid widows gets about 1,000 calls, e-mails and WhatsApp messages a day from across the country. A majority of callers are from major cities.

How does https://covidwidows.in/ help?

Covid widows can avail of round-the-clock support in grief and career counselling, resume writing, gaining referrals, and preparing for interviews, and other areas of skill development through the portal.

Those seeking help are required to share their name, email ID, phone number, place of residence, and resume.

“When you come to us, rest assured, the first step has already been taken. Our volunteers will find the best fit for your skill sets and connect you with potential employers. We intend to make this process swift and seamless so that you find independence and peace at the earliest,” the initiative states.

The initiative ensures to help women every step of the way so that they can gain personal and professional satisfaction in the long run. 

The website adopts a four-step process to support Covid Widows-Grief counselling, Drafting a resume, Training for interviews, Skill development.

Email: covidwomenhelp@riseagain.in to know the details about how to support!

Twitter: @CovidWomenHelp Instagram: covidwomenhelp WhatsApp: 95282 76958

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