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How to Create a Prosperity Mindset


How a Prosperity mindset can do wonders for you?

Learn deep insights about key ways of developing a prosperity mindset from our Influencer Linda Fisk, founder of leadership Global, a community of unstoppable women enhancing their leadership blueprint and embracing their power to be the best version of themselves- in work and life.-

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

 Maria Robinson

Abundance and prosperity can mean different things to different people. It is important that you have a clear understanding of what abundance means to you. Let’s start by defining abundance. What does a prosperous and abundant life look like? Is abundance about finance, love, health, happiness, or else? What is your own definition of prosperity, what would look it like in your life?

Abundance doesn’t happen overnight. Most people who live an abundant life will tell you that they work at it every day. On a daily basis, they are accomplishing small actions that align them with what they want in life. For example, if what you want is more money, each day you can make small deposits in a savings account. Five dollars a day will become $ 150 at the end of the month and $1825 at the end of the year. If you want more love in your life, start with self-love. Every day, make a point of recognizing one thing that you love about yourself.

“When I change, everything changes.”

– Pastor Doug Taylor

And, really we’re talking about changes in mindset. A small change in your mindset can lead to a different set of decisions and that can change your life forever. But, first, let’s define what we mean when we refer to mindset.

A mindset is a way of thinking. It is a lens that allows you to see what you want in this world. Unlike beliefs and values, a mindset is something that is fairly easy to change with awareness, practice, and determination.

It is the general perspective you have on life and how you react to various life situations. Our mindset can stop us from achieving our goals and accessing our desires in life. It doesn’t matter what beliefs or values you have, if you have the wrong mindset, it can limit you and hinder your general sense of happiness.

On the other hand, feeding the right mindset will be essential for you to create the life you want. The goal is to empower you to switch your mindset to one that will positively transform your life and attract abundance and wealth.

The key to change is to let go of fear. 

– Roseanne Cash

There are two types of mindsets that were coined by the author of ” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,”. Stephen Covey. These are a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. The scarcity mindset is more about focussing on what we don’t have and our limits. Meanwhile, an abundance mindset is about creating opportunities and believing that there are enough resources for everyone to benefit.

A person with a scarcity mindset will be absorbed with what is missing. A scarcity mindset will focus on limitations and manifest obstacles which can seriously limit your success. When you limit yourself with your beliefs and actions, you are not open to receiving or recognizing the abundance that surrounds you. You may wake up in the morning thinking you didn’t have enough sleep or won’t have time to accomplish all your tasks. No matter what it is, the scarcity mind is set on acknowledging what is not available.

Think of your life. Which area does find yourself focussing on what you don’t have.? What limits do you place on yourself? Which area of your life (love, relationships, finances, work, etc) do you apply a scarcity mindset?

The other side is the abundance mindset. With that mindset, we realize, there is enough in this world for everyone to receive. You let go of negative feelings like jealousy, envy or pity for yourself and take matters into your own hands. You move from being a victim in your life to a leader. In addition, you don’t focus on the limitation, but you recognize the good things that are already present in your life and set your intention to experience more of what you want.

Think of what you are having currently in your life. Make a list of things, situations, or people that make your life rich. What are you grateful for in your life? What do you appreciate about yourself?

Sometimes its the smallest decisions that can change your life forever!
Kerry Russel

One of the most common misperceptions about wealth is that achieving some monetary goal will make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Can you recall any wealthy people who are unhappy with their lives? Just off the top of your head, you could probably recite the names of half a dozen celebrities who are constantly struggling with addictions, relationships, turmoil, legal problems, and worse.

Money didn’t make these people happy, and it can’t make you happy either. If you want to be happy, then you must decide to be happy right now.- regardless of your problems and challenges. Just having a ton of money in the bank won’t make problems go away unless problems are directly related to lack of money.

The greatest power you can ever develop is the ability to focus on the good so you can be happy right now-no matter what else is happening around you. Right now is all you have

Let tomorrow take care of itself. Instead, focus most of your energy on making this moment the best it can possibly be. Mastering this skill alone can make you the richest person on the planet.

Linda Fisk

Linda Fisk is a multi-award-winning leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, author, and university professor dedicated to amplifying and extending the success of other high-caliber business leaders. She is the Founder and CEO of LeadHERship Global, a community of unstoppable women enhancing their leadership blueprint and embracing their power to be the best version of themselves- in work and life. 

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