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Create the Edge 50th episode-Technology Meets Hearts and Minds

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about a Linkedln based Show ‘Create The Edge'(CTE) which is reaching out to many professionals, entrepreneurs, and many self-employed people across the globe and giving them a chance to share their stories, opinions, views about various interesting topics. CTE founders Joy Abdullah from Kuala Lumpur and Saheb Youssef Bakhsh from Singapore came up with #StayOnTheEdge guest series and #RiseAboveTheEdge thematic series to share with people the immense knowledge available in their network.

CTE show just celebrated 50th episode by organising Linkedin Live and interacting with 44 achievers from across the world. This is part 1 of the show-

CreateTheEdge created history by bringing together:

40 Hearts & Brains
Across 27 Cities
15 Countries
With 1 Purpose

‘Championing Collaboration and Co-Creation’

All by disrupting what’s the norm and giving time and presence in creating change through innovatively using technology.


David Brier, Randy Heller, Dino Pacella, Steve Sullivan on Personal & Business Branding

Ahmad Imam, Tima Elhajj, Mariam Riza, Carl Gough on Importance of Self Disruption

Elaine Jacques,  Jacqueline Way, Brian Schulman, Benson Lau on What will be your Legacy?

Stephen De Sede, Visha Bhayee on Importance of Social Networking

Kasthuri Gunasegaran, MS. Suchi, Puja Talesara, Charu Mehrotra on A Connected Experience



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