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Creating desirable behaviour in kids!(Part 5)

Parenting involves commitment and to create desirable behaviour in our kids we have to brush up our parenting skills regularly!

I came across this statement about parenting, in a book recently-“You are raising adults. Right now they are under construction, like a new big house being built from the ground up. Once that house gets completed, it is subjected to the force of nature and the wear and tear of life. Will its foundation crack, or its roof leak? The answer depends largely on how you mould and shape your children, their values, their behaviour, and their ability to make decisions.”

Parent himself as a person is only responsible for creating desirable behaviour in their kids. We as an individual have to check ourselves first. What all we want our kids to be, we have to learn to follow first. It’s not a surprise to parent folk, isn’t it?

It’s a saying that what you sow so shall you reap. We are really preparing future families. What matters is our belief. If we believe that our family deserves a certain positive way of lifestyle then only we can take action on it. So, first of all, we have to count our worth. The journey to create a positive family begins from you only so try to clean your inside house first. Improve upon yourself and then with conviction you can discuss with your kids about right habits, attitude, and other things in life.(contd)

Charu Mehrotra

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