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Creating Safer Air for Healthy Family-Cosmo Prime Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA Filter

‘Health is wealth’! I strongly believe and I can go to any length to make my family lead a disease-free life! Here is an honest review of using Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier that why I am happy to get it for my family

Air pollution certainly causes worry as it is impacting our overall health and we cannot control its harmful effects when we are out. When we are at home, even if we shut all windows and doors, harmful particles such as pollutants, allergens, pollen, and mould still find a way to enter into our homes. Our babies at home, who are considered to breathe up to four times faster than adults are potentially more vulnerable to fine particles, indoor air pollution is even a greater cause for worry. ln, the long run and when so many reports coming about the challenges of the quality of the air we are breathing both outside and inside the home, it makes me think how I can save my family from the repercussions. 

The idea that you can certainly control the type of air you are breathing inside your home and protect your family by using the right type of air purifier made me get a purifier for my family.

I recently got Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter and after using it for some time I am so happy with my decision. The importance of a purifier itself is justified as it absorbs the microparticles around you. Our body may not have the system to protect itself from ultrafine particles from our atmosphere but the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier has. Take a note that better quality of air can help to prevent allergies and respiratory issues. It can also remove particles, allergens, harmful gases, bacteria for a much healthier home environment.

After using the purifier for a month, I can tell you a few reasons why you should buy this one:

  • Keeps your indoor air clean and pure 

There is a feeling of freshness in the room while using the purifier, even if I use for short duration also.

  • Super simple to set up

I was amazed that it was so simple to set up the Cosmo Prime®  purifier at my home. Just make sure you are taking the HEPA FILTER out from the polythene cover and place it within the purifier before switching it on.

  • The hassle-free operation, just select speed and timer

Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier is hassle-free to use. Just set up the speed and timer for how long you want to use and you are set to go.

  • Will add style to your room interiors

I am in love with the uniqueness and compact design of the Cosmo Prime®  Purifier. It goes very well with the modern interior set up and furniture.

  • Easy to Replace the Filter

Filter in Cosmo Prime®  Purifier is easy to replace. Once it is time to replace the filter there will be an indication on the panel itself. Normally replacement is required after every 6-12 months of usage. Cost of the filter is around 80 SGD.

  • Presence of silent VX-Motor  

The purifier can go up to 20 dB on the lowest fan settings thus making it noise-free 

  • Particle Count Technolgy

Unique feature such a Particle Count Technolgy which enables the purifier to count the number of PM 2.5 particles in the air and display it in the top panel

Cosmo’s proprietary 3-in-1 HEPA filter makes it a special purifier. The HEPA filter can stop 99.97% of all harmful airborne particles from getting to the lungs. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air”, and HEPA filters can stop 99.97% of all air pollutants such as haze, dust and germs. It can also absorb bad odours too.

Add on features such as child lock, wifi control, smart touch panel, 3-speed settings, filter replacement reminder and automatic speed adjustments based on air quality makes Cosmo Prime®  Purifier a must-buy by families, particularly those who are having kids and elderlies!

An air purifier is a worthy investment for the better health of your near and dear ones. Visit the website to place your order now. Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway and if you are interested to find out more, you can read this article on Best 10 Online Payment Gateways in Singapore for more information.

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