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Raising Kids Curiosity in Science Through ‘Curiosity Kids’- Stuti Sharma

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Science is all about exploration and discovery!

If your child from a very young age starts understanding that there is science in everything surrounding us, won’t you be happy as a parent? Not only your child’s curiosity is enhanced through hands-on experiments based classes, he/she also generates the habit of observing, exploring and learning how science impacts them in daily lives in a much simpler way. Meet Stuti Sharma from Hong Kong, founder of a venture ‘Curiosity Kids’, making science learning fun for kids!

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Stuti Sharma from Hong Kong in ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ show! Listen to her interesting entrepreneurial journey in her own words in the interview above!

Stuti has fifteen years of experience in Financial Services & Human Resources across Hong Kong, Singapore and India, with a Masters in Business Administration. In 2016, Stuti decided to quit her full-time job and offer Curiosity classes as she felt a need for such hands-on, engaging and educational science experiment classes. She is passionate about developing and designing creative methods to engage young minds. She had started these experiment-based learning for her own children and after seeing its benefits she decided to start Curiosity Kids.

Stuti got the idea for starting ‘Curiosity Kids’ when her 5 and 2 years old kids bombarded her with interesting questions. Questions like “Why planes fly and we can’t”? “Why can we push a chair and not an elephant?” need to be answered in a simple way so kids of that age group can understand it properly. Initially, Stuti started searching for some science classes, which can help her kids. When she was not able to find one then she realized about the huge missed opportunity by others and thus the idea of ‘Curiosity Kids’ blossomed up!

Curiosity Kids now offers Online classes for several countries and Face to face Classes/Workshops/Birthday Parties in Hong Kong.


Very interactive and fun class for kids, the teacher is very good at explaining the knowledge and engaging children in a clear and fun way! My son loves it and always enjoys doing the little experiments every single time! Highly recommended.

From the parent of 4 yr old for online classes!

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed their Science classes. The content is so creative in developing activities the kids enjoy & learn from. It’s fun & gets their brains thinking. Very well run with room for kids to ask questions & be themselves. Highly recommend!

From a parent of 4 and 7 yr old

Let your child have some fun while learning science at ‘Curiosity Kids’. Book his/her online classes now!


Website: www.curiositykidshk.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/curiositykidsHK/

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  1. Anil Sharma

    very impressive and motivating write up. Childeren will learn while playing. wish you grand success.

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