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Entrepreneur of the month-Suria Mohd


Optimistic Life Adventurer, Nutritionist, Mompreneur, passionate about Speaking & Writing on Weight Loss, positive Parenting & Business–meet Suria Mohd, a woman of substance!         

Suria Mohd is the founder of Anggun International which is into Support Group Weight Management Program and learning discoveries, a center to enhance child’s learning abilities. Womenlines wants to share her amazingly motivating journey to reach her goals, with its readers.

Let me share Suria’s Biodata first!

Suria is a Singaporean and is a married woman with 2 kids. She received her Nutrition degree from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia and completed an exchange program with Illinois State University, USA. After returning to

Singapore in 1997, Suria attained a Postgraduate degree in the teaching of Food Science and Nutrition Studies from NTU/NIE Singapore and began her teaching career as a Nutrition Educator in secondary schools. Since 2003 Suria has been actively involved with the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB). She is a regular speaker and public educator at HPB’s community-based health forums and weight management programs. Suria has been featured on the cover of magazines, in local newspapers and has appeared on radio and television programs.She is also the author of “9 Greatest Weight Loss Secrets” and co-authors Best Selling Series “Living in Abundance” with Anthony Robbins & Dr. Wayne.

Suria conducts Nutrition and Weight Management seminars, workshops and programs for schools, organizations and business corporations. She established the Anggun Nutrition Academy in 2003 to provide introductory, diploma courses in Nutrition & Weight Management.

The interesting part of her journey is to know how she started from scratch again after the failure of her venture wellness training school. She closed down her shop and was in $80,000 debts. “It was an expensive “MBA” lesson for me from the University of Hard Knocks called Life…” she laments!

Suria shares “One of the lessons I learned was the reason for my failure. I failed for one reason; I did not have any education in business at all. If I were to re-start again I would have at least attended some sort of business training to equip myself with the nuts and bolts of the business. That was exactly what I did after that. I soaked up business knowledge like a sponge and started learning (self-study) by getting online and purchasing books, and participating in online courses on business and marketing. Meanwhile, to pay off my debts, I took on freelance jobs as a public speaker on Nutrition with the Health Promotion Board.”

She restarted her business again and the 2nd time, it turned around a 7 figure sale in 2 years. She attracted 2000 clients each paying about $700 – $2000 each.

However, she got distracted and started investing her profits in all other sorts of businesses which were the reason for her 2nd downfall. In her 2nd business mistake, she lost close to half a million dollars.

She shares ‘I missed out on the 2nd part – How to Keep and grow the money, i.e. what I missed out was the knowledge and education of Investing money wisely. So right now, what I am targeting for this year is to learn how to keep and grow my money wisely via proper investments vehicles. Given all my ups and downs in my business, I have also started teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their business profitably so they don’t have to make the same kind of mistakes that I did.’


Suria says that “My lifelong learning never ends, and I am at peace for living my life to the fullest, contributing my purpose to the world and touching people’s lives as I continue this journey to live my higher goals in life…”

While Suria is best known for her expertise in Weight Loss & Nutrition her students testify that her biggest impact in their lives comes from her philosophy of “Beauty, peace and Ultimate Happiness manifests itself from within” –

Suria also owns and co-owns other businesses in Education & Fashion. She has expanded her Education business regionally to Malaysia and also to Latin America

Hardcore fan of Bollywood movies and Shahrukh Khan, Suria’s passion is reading books. Books motivate her to do better things in life.

Womenlines wishes her all the best for the journey towards excellence and abundance in life.
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Anggun International: http://www.angguninternational.com


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