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Episode 4 Talk Show- Harnessing the Power of Gender Neutrality

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Womenlines presents a talk show where viewers are learning various ways how to harness the power of gender neutrality in the present world. In Episode 3, a video shared above, understand  Polarity beyond Masculine and Feminine!

In this episode, our Gender Neutrality Expert and researcher Rajashri Rajashekhar has brought out interesting research facts to showcase the same-

  • There is no gender for polarity
  • The polarity exists in both
  • Masculine and feminine exist in both
  • These are the qualities
  • We need to work on these two qualities to find the neutral way

Shiva and Shakti symbolically discussed a lot as female and Male in one but that’s far too divine merging than human. When they merge they lose the duality of Male and female and they are into oneness.
We are can duality so we always have 2+2 =4 fighting with each other

Gender Neutrality-Gender Role & Gender Behaviour

Culture plays a significant role in Gender Behaviour Gender Role & Gender Behaviour. They can be two different aspects but cultural influence and norms including the ability to think or limit while playing these roles are influenced by the culture.

Rajashri Rajashekhar is the founder of Poornam Foundation & Researcher of Gender Neutrality. Her journey of 28 years of work experience has added value to her being as an Entrepreneur, Educationist, Researcher, People Person, Writer, Speaker, Counsellor, Trainer and Game Changer.

Poornam Foundation is Rajashri’s passionate venture where she focuses on providing training on Gender Neutrality. She strongly believes we can create Gender Neutral Workplaces, Gender Neutral Mindsets and Gender Neutral Society. She has done detailed research about mindset strategies that have helped people in past and how those solutions can extremely help us in our day to day challenges. Rajahshri emphasises that normally we focus on the physical aspect of the organisation only, but if we also simultaneously work on the mindsets that drive the entire process beyond just business norms and instructions. This can create higher levels of productivity and creativity, leading to strong outcomes.

Visit https://www.poornatva.net/ to know more about Rajshri’s work and contact details!

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