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How Blogging can help you to grow?


Sounding strange, right?

Yes, though sounding odd, blogging can certainly help you to grow in life!

If somebody asks me what is the best decision you have taken in your career, my answer will be the decision to blog! Read till the end to know how life changed for me for the better being a blogger!

Blogging World

I came into the blogging world when my brother ( who was pretty well aware of my journalistic aptitude) introduced me while I was settling in a new country and was without a job. He strongly recommended that I should consider blogging in my free time. I am so happy that I said yes to his idea and in between running my 3 ventures, settling up family, working full time, part-time, I kept blogging and completely transformed myself.

The story starts then, blog was like a journal to me reporting about anything interesting I came across in the city, covered events, seminars, review books and shared personal thoughts. The amazing part of the journey began when I started reading others blog and then it leads to Vlogs and then it leads to podcasts and then it leads to YouTube channels. The point is not that I just came across these new mediums but the knowledge sharing was amazingly helpful in my personal transformation.

I was not much in blog marketing as the blog was like a journal to me where I poured my thoughts whenever I felt. I had a crazy passion for reporting about achieving excellence in self-mastery. My blog was all about promoting excellence in women across the globe, as I strongly believe that every woman is blessed with amazing powers, which she can only use if she is empowered with the right mindset and knowledge. While publishing content promoting excellence in women I never realized how I have completely transformed myself-

Personal Growth

As I started searching Google for my blog, a new world opened in front of me gave me the confidence that it is possible to achieve personal mastery by consistent practice. It is also possible to achieve what you want, and it is also possible to improve upon as many skills as you wish to. It all depends upon your focus and your hard work. I transformed myself as a mother as I became aware of the latest trends in parenting, how to solve the parenting challenges and above all how to let kids grow naturally. I became aware of the importance of mindfulness, journaling, morning routines, the importance of healthy diet and fitness routines. The world of emotional intelligence gave me confidence it is possible to balance your emotions once you get mindful of each thought.

Career Growth

The blogging world helped me getting awareness regarding the latest trends and skills required to advance in life. I upskilled myself technically through various online courses, seminars, meets, webinars and various other modes. Such skills were not only helpful during my various work profiles but also helped me to push my comfort zone, build up my confidence and self-esteem. I never imagined in my wild dream that the hobby, which I just considered as journaling, will become my full-time career. 

Global Network

Blogging allows you to reach out globally to anybody. It makes the world a global village where you believe you are connected and we can work together from anywhere. Many entrepreneurs lifestyle isolates them and silence can be unnerving. Above all keeping, your self self-motivated forever can be challenging too. Meeting new people is always helpful as you become part of a group that is facing the same type of challenges and this helps you to relate to others.

And what is the secret ingredient for the blogging recipe? It’s all about patience. Patience to grow and progress. Patience to overcome and better yourself. Patience to meet the people you can truly connect with.

Blogging has become a true joy, a small getaway where I can indulge in my thoughts. Without a doubt, it has changed my life incredibly!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines

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