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Expanding Your Business Beyond You: Ensuring A Smooth New Employee Onboarding

new employee onboarding

Do you know what it means when your business is getting a bit too big for just your own hands, especially when it comes to New Employee Onboarding? You’ve done an amazing job!

So now’s the time to roll with the momentum and get some employees in to help out. Each person can bring their own unique skill set and wealth of experience to the role, and you’ll hit your goals faster than ever before once you’ve built a team

But it’s only natural to be concerned that you won’t rub along well with new hires. After all, this business was born and built by you – it’s hard to hand off an element of control. And that’s why it’s key to ensure the hiring transition goes as smoothly as possible. 

Run an All-Inclusive Training Program for New Employee Onboarding

To help them settle in fast, don’t leave a new employee to figure things out alone. All inclusive means writing out instructions regarding both technical and cultural aspects of their new job. You need to set the rules when it comes to the workplace setting, as well as provide a manual for an employee’s daily tasks. And the more detail you provide, the easier the whole transition will end up being. 


Don’t Limit Communication to the Office

If you’re going to bring employees into your enterprise, you need to brush up on your communication skills. After all, you need to stay in touch both in and outside of the office. To set this expectation from the moment you hire someone, add them to an office group chat, or if you’re remote working regularly, use a Field Service CRM. This way you can track hours, check availability, and keep an eye on project progress all at once. 

But above all, there’s no need for second-guessing yourself here. If you notice a problem, or you just want to check in and see how a new employee is doing, just send a message and ask how they’re doing. 

Allow Initiative, But Give Direction as Well

It’s good to let an employee lead the way with their own ideas. It sets them up for success early on and gives them the chance to showcase what they’re truly capable of. In terms of impressing the boss, this is putting the best foot forward! 

But don’t leave it all up to them. Just like the training we mentioned above, ensure you have a strong sense of direction for them to follow. They need to know the basic ins and outs, be given some time to get used to that, and be provided with an opportunity to flourish based on their own understanding and skill. 

Set them tasks and give them deadlines, but open up the floor to their ideas as well, no matter how big or small. It can help you and your team to rub along well together. 

Expanding a business requires some extra hands on deck. But if you’re worried about hiring for the first time, use tips like these to help. 

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