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Tips for Managers To Balance Home Life and Remote Work

tips for managers

As a manager, overseeing both your home and a team of employees, here are some essential tips for managers on balancing home life and remote work to minimize stress.

Working from home as a manager spawns stress and mental fatigue that you never knew was possible. You’re constantly working to be the best at work and at home. It feels nearly impossible to accommodate both responsibilities.

Tips for Managers

All you need is a little advice and determination to get you through this tough time. Read the following tips to balance home life and remote work as a manager to alleviate the strain you feel each day.

Only Conduct Chores During Breaks

You see dirty dishes piled up in the sink, clothes littering the bathroom floor, and a kitchen table cluttered with disorganized papers. Your mind is telling you that the items need cleaning up right this moment.

Remember that you’re not hanging out at home for the day. You’re in charge of other employees who need help, and you have projects you must complete yourself. For the time being, your job is the priority.

If the messes are weighing heavily on your mind, use a bit of time on your breaks to clean up. Your break is the perfect time to make personal phone calls, watch a bit of TV, and even conduct household chores. After your break, you can return to work feeling relieved.

Create Clear Expectations for Your Team

The inbox messages never stop. Even when break times arise, it feels like you can never leave your desk. While it’s your job to answer inquiries, you hardly have time to get your work done or take necessary breaks.

A way to better your productivity at home is to establish clear expectations for the team. Send a document answering their frequently asked questions, any additional information they should know, and best practices for their respective roles. The team’s persistent questions will decline, and you will have more time to focus on balancing home life and remote work as a manager.

Avoid Scheduling Several Meetings in One Day

Meetings can build up just as questions do. Even after you finish working for the day, you’re thinking about the next meeting and all the work you haven’t completed yet. It’s possible to feel burnout from too many virtual meetings. The constant stress of communication can take a toll.

Try to arrange your schedule to allow one to two meetings a day. To give yourself time to unwind after a meeting, place your status as “Do Not Disturb.” After all, you deserve a breather after each hectic call.

Ask for Assistance From Your Family and Work Team

Perhaps other family members can help with chores or scheduling the kids’ doctor appointments. Maybe you can assign an employee to oversee aspects of work to take a weight off your shoulders.

Just as you serve as a resource for the team, they’re a resource for you. Be honest if you feel overwhelmed or are enduring other hardships. Employees will gain respect for a leader who can effectively communicate their emotions.

The same logic applies to your family. A busy work and home life can be hectic. Your family should be there to support you in every aspect of life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.

Seek Help With Leadership Coaching

If you find yourself struggling more than usual, perhaps guidance from a leadership coach will benefit your work, your home life, and your team. Consider a few helpful questions to ask a leadership coach during the meeting. The coach’s incredible insight will teach you how you can improve your managerial skills and balance your work and home life.

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