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Face Exercises To Look Young by Fumiko Takatsu

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Womenlines wants its readers to be fit, healthy and young! A pleasure to share a few face exercises which can keep you looking young. Credit for the video goes to youtube channel ‘Face Yoga Method’ and founder Fumiko Takatsu who is doing amazing work empowering women to embrace their age and love the way they look!

  • Number One: “The Big O” -Wonderful for all over blood circulation, warming up the face for practice and giving a radiant glow! Great for the cheeks!
  • Number Two: “Yummy Face” -I wish I had known this pose because this pose will make you look happier. When you look happier, people around you treat your accordingly. A real life changer.
  • Number Three: “Swan neck” -I love this pose because sometimes when I sit in front of a computer for a long time I feel the tightness in my neck area. This pose helps open up your neck, reduce tension and tighten a sagging neck and jawline.
  • Number Four: “Detox” -The perfect morning pose. This one, I love to do in the morning when I want to wake myself up or when I get a little bit stressed out, I do this. This releases all that tension we build up inside of us. Powerful pose!
  • Number Five: “Mini Facelift” -This really lifts your face and addresses the nasolabial lines and lines around the eye area, and makes your eyes wide open. Very, very beneficial.

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