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Find Your Healthy Balance- Health Talk by Ujjwala Baxi

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As a digital marketing partner, Womenlines takes pleasure to share about upcoming informative health talk ‘Find Your Healthy Balance’ by Registered Dietitian in Singapore Ujjwala Baxi, founder of Poshan Cure Thru Diet at Myra’s @Stadium in Singapore, on 29th July from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Open to both men and women, this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with her and get your burning questions regarding food and health answered. Our venue sponsor is none other than Myra’s @stadium, famous for serving the most authentic and delectable Mexican and North Indian cuisine on the island…… You will also receive gifts good for your health and vitality in a goodie bag by our esteemed sponsors namely- Ega Juice Clinic, Energia Rev 22, South Bridge Aesthetics, Fitpro Academy, The Art of living, and Acado Oil(Avocado) Register now as your health is the most important asset in life….prioritise it:)!!!!

Ujjwala Baxi –

“Are you lost amidst all the confusing nutrition information present out there and want to know reliable answers to them? Do you have health related queries which need to be answered and reassured by a qualified professional?
Our upcoming event on ‘Find your Healthy Balance’ with the right type of foods and lifestyle will help you understand the power of nourishing foods and how you can use them in your daily regime to live a more fuller, happier, healthier and abundant life. At Poshan Cure Thru Diet, we safeguard our clients from following any fad diets and lay the correct foundations of balanced nutrition with a hint of Ayurvedic guidelines.”

Fee- $45 , Group fee -$30/pax Contact Ms Renuka @ 90627671 Info@poshancurethrudiet.com


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