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From Chaos to Serenity: How to Calm Down in Stressful Situations

Best Tips To Calm Down

Calm Your Farm means ‘relax’ or ‘calm down’. We as humans have a tendency at times to get triggered, and disempowered by external circumstances and drama ensues. Can you imagine living and leading a drama-free life? Fascinates the hell out of me the degree to which people tolerate self-inflicted drama daily in their personal and professional lives. All human suffering is a function of what we make things mean! If you want to stop suffering stop making things mean things!

The English language has many bazaar terms/phrases/colloquialisms and recently I have found myself with certain clients stating ‘Calm Your Farm’, when they engage in on-call coaching. Being a coach intuitive I can hear what is happening as clear as day and through dialogue we are able to move from SSD, seriousness, significance and drama to humour, let’s face it, it is humorous how fast we can wind ourselves up like Tonka toys and overdramatize situations/events/conversations.

Of the many things I teach, one of the most important is teaching ‘equanimous leadership’, one cannot put a dollar value on living and leading an ‘equanimous’ life.  The art of being the observer of ‘what is’, versus how it could have been, should have been, wanted it to be a lot of self-created drama is a function of the inability to ‘be with’ what is.

Living a zero drama-free life is a game changer. How do you access this? Through the power of choice, period. Keep it simple!  If I could get $1000 dollars every time a client says, ‘I don’t do drama’, I would be a quillionaire…my standard response: You LOVE drama!

Top 10 Recommendations to Calm Down:

– If you are operating in a disempowered way you are operating from the child-like self and disconnected from your faith whatever that is for you – learning to remain empowered and operating from the adult self, in a connected state is where the work is to be done, moment by moment!
– Surf a wave at a time and live in the now moment for that’s all there is…
NOTHING externally can impact your state unless you allow it! STOP allowing it
– Become more disciplined to spend more time in silence, in meditation, and prayer, all the answers lie within
– Stop hanging out in the ‘monkey mind’, feeding meaning-based projections serves no one
– Stop engaging with anyone who is in their default disempowered state
BREATH, the power of the breath is almighty when coming up against external triggering circumstances…ground yourself, get perspective, stay centred, calm your farm and move forward from an empowered state
– Get present to the costs of creating drama through your own stinking thinking
– STOP being so serious, significant and dramatic, lighten up…nothing can shift when you are in the way
– Get a sense of humour life is too short to spend it in drama

Maybe today could be the day your life changes by making 1 simple decision – ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DRAMA from this day forward! It’s a game-changer!

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Sally Anderson

CEO/C-Suite Leadership Coach Sally partner’s CEO’s/C-Suite Leadership Executives/Key Influencers Achieve Unprecedented ‘Sustainable’ RESULTS!


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