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Transform Your Bedroom into a Celestial Oasis with Our Starry Night Projector

night projector

Starry Night Projector- Cost $99.99 order now at Shopenzer!

Welcome to our introduction to the mesmerizing world of our Starry Night Projector!

Are you ready to embark on a celestial journey right in the comfort of your own bedroom? Imagine transforming your space into a breathtaking oasis filled with the enchanting beauty of a starry night sky. With our state-of-the-art projector, you can bring the wonders of the universe directly to your room, creating a captivating and immersive experience like no other. Whether you want to unwind after a long day, create a soothing ambience for relaxation, or spark your little one’s imagination, our Starry Night Projector is the perfect solution. Get ready to discover the magic and awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos, all at the touch of a button. Let’s dive into the extraordinary features and benefits that our Starry Night Projector has to offer, and get ready to elevate your bedroom to new celestial heights!

  • 6 IN 1 Planetarium Projector: Star light projector for bedroom comes with 6 Display Scenarios The Moon Night Sky; The Deep Cloud Moose(Perfect for Christmas lights decorations) The Celestial Planet Milky Way Galaxy Blackbody Vortex The Solar System Taking you to experience a different virtual world. Close to the solar system, the galaxy, celestial planets and deep forests, etc. can stimulate children’s imagination. (Note: One film sheet is already in the reel.)
  • Multiple Display Modes Optional: Support independently control the Movie Lights (press the second button to turn on/off) and Side Star Lights (press the third button to turn on/off/switch the light mode). No noise while working, creates a soothing sleep environment. The fourth button can turn on/off the star rotation, and press 2 seconds for a timed shutdown (fixed for one hour).
  • HD Galaxy Projector: Twist the top screw ring to adjust the focal length to fit the projection distance for clear imaging. Support up to 3M projection distance and 40 projection area. Perfect for decorating rooms. Right rotation to remove the lamp cover, stars sprinkled around the room, bring magic indoors starry light show.
  • Easy to Use for Kids: Only 3 steps to take you through the planetarium visual experience: Insert film – Turn on switch – Adjust the focus. Press the third button for two seconds to adjust the brightness (30%-70%-100%). Simple design perfect for kids use. Fun manual switching of film sheets helps children’s intellectual development. Great Gift for Kids: Made of high-quality ABS material. Film imaging principle, No harm to children’s eyes. 360 rotatable body can project the scene on the ceiling, walls and floors. Stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination – Interesting educational gift for Kids. Also suitable for Home Parties / Home Theater / Christmas Decorations/ Room Decoration.

Plug-in rotation + 1 galaxy disk + 6 color disks (without remote control)




  • Additional features: music, projection
  • Voltage: ?36V (V)
  • Shade material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 121x110x121 (mm)
  • Switch type: button type
  • Style: light luxury
  • Average service life: more than 480 (h)
  • Light source power: 4W (W)
  • Power supply mode: USB

Packing list:

  • Night light*1
  • Color disc*6
  • Rechargeable Bluetooth rotating*1
  • Galaxy disc*1
  • USB Cable*1
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