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From Passion to Purpose: Unveiling the Journey of My Entrepreneurial Story

passion to purpose

Sharing my entrepreneurial story of transitioning from passion to purpose

“You become the sum of what you eat, watch, read, listen to, and the company you keep. Mindfully choose things that feed your body, mind and soul with nourishment, not junk”

As a passionate mass communications student, this quote touched my heart and left a lasting impact on my journey. It made me realize something profound: the things we consume, like media and information, play a significant role in shaping our present reality. Our choices have the power to shape how we see the world, what we believe, and ultimately, the life we live.

But as simple as this truth may seem, putting it into action is not always easy. We often struggle to align our awareness with our actions. Creating our best reality can feel overwhelming, with challenges and obstacles standing in our way.

As I journeyed through my formative years, my passion for media grew steadily, and it became clear to me that a career in the media field was my calling. Simultaneously, my deep curiosity about women’s empowerment continued to intensify each day. I couldn’t help but notice that despite the incredible talents possessed by many women around me, they struggled to pursue their dreams. There was a lack of knowledge when it came to prioritizing their well-being, achieving financial independence through their skills, and living a fulfilling life. It was during those moments, as the dots started connecting, that the seeds of starting an online magazine for women’s personal excellence were planted within me. I yearned to support and uplift women facing such challenges.

However, at the time, I had no clue about how to embark on this path. Several years passed, and I experienced different phases of life, including marriage and motherhood. It was during this time that I serendipitously found myself in Singapore, a city with a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. The bug of entrepreneurship bit me, and despite lacking a business degree or any prior experience in running a business, I fearlessly embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. Together with a partner, I registered my first business, driven by an unwavering determination to seize any opportunity that came my way.

Although I faced numerous challenges and eventually had to close down three companies in Singapore, my dream project was just beginning to take shape. Today, I am humbled and elated to be running Womenlines, an online magazine that holds the prestigious position of being featured on the first page of Google’s search results for “online magazines for women.” It has been a transformative journey from being a novice in business to becoming an entrepreneur fueled by passion and an unyielding motivation to make a difference.

Womenlines presents a remarkable opportunity for me as an entrepreneur to connect with women worldwide and showcase their success stories through a diverse range of talk shows. Through Womenlines’ talk shows, these exceptional women can highlight their achievements, empowering and inspiring others in the process. It is truly a fulfilling experience to contribute to the global community of women by amplifying their stories of success through Womenlines.

 Although Womenlines is still on its journey towards achieving numerous milestones as a business setup, I remain steadfast in my faith and belief that I will receive the right guidance and direction at the opportune moment. 

My journey towards personal excellence revolves around the purpose of publishing content that empowers women to become better leaders, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and gain valuable insights for business growth as entrepreneurial women. With a clear intention to uplift and support women in their personal and professional endeavors, I am dedicated to curating content that inspires and equips them with the knowledge and tools needed for success. By sharing resources, strategies, and stories of triumph, my aim is to foster personal growth, encourage leadership development, and contribute to the advancement of women in all aspects of life.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, I hold onto the conviction that with perseverance and determination, I will overcome obstacles and navigate the path towards success. I embrace the process, knowing that each step taken brings me closer to realizing the vision I have for Womenlines. My unwavering belief in the venture fuels my motivation and propels me forward on this transformative entrepreneurial journey.


Charu Mehrotra

Founder Online Magazine


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