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From Victim to Victor: How Domestic Violence Survivor Nina Aouilk Transformed Her Life and Became a Successful Life Coach

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Nina Aouilk is a well-known mindset coach but is better known as an Activist working with victims of gender-based violence and domestic violence. In her interview with Womenlines Nina shared her daring story of how she fought honour killing and came out of it and is at present leading a successful life.

Womenlines presents a talk show ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence’.This talk show aims to share various ways to prevent domestic violence in our society across the globe. At Womenlines we strongly believe that as a woman we all are having amazing powers, and skills, which can help us to achieve our dreams and fight challenges in life. Many women across the globe forget or are not even aware of it. Through ‘Let’s Erase Domestic Violence Talkshow’ we want to reach out to women globally who are facing this violence, so that they can come out of it, and make them believe that there are people to help them to prevent domestic violence

Nina Aouilk

Recognized as Woman of the Year 2023 at The House of Lords, London’s Life Coach is a person of influence when it comes to addressing honour killings and gender-based violence/discrimination. Featured on Great Britain TV, NBC 26, and a viral video with 25 million views in just four weeks, she has also made appearances on over 100 interviews across various social media platforms. With an Instagram following of over 45,000 (@londonslifecoach), she has gained international recognition as a renowned performance mindset and business strategist, working with UFC MMA fighters, World Champion Boxers, Elite Athletes, and C-Suite professionals.

Nina has served as a consultant for HR divisions in large corporations, focusing on cultural intelligence, resilience, and maximizing productivity by ensuring the right job fit. She advocates for improved policies within organizations to ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable employees facing gender-based discrimination and violence.

Additionally, Nina is the co-founder of www.endhonourkillings.org, a nonprofit organization providing support and assistance to victims and survivors of gender-based abuse and forced arranged marriages. The organization acts as a point of contact, offering care and assistance in leaving life-threatening situations and providing aftercare when needed. Through workshops and initiatives, they address diversity and inclusion, gender-based violence, child abuse, cultural mental health, and domestic violence.

Nina is an expert witness in gender-based violence and an accomplished property developer, serving as the CEO of Nim Communications Limited. She is also the author of the bestselling book “Master Your Life – Live the Life of Your Dreams,” available on Amazon. Hosting London’s Life Coach Podcast and a talk show, she uses her platform to empower individuals to write and deliver impactful speeches, makes their voices heard, and navigate both office and public spaces effectively.


To support Nina donate at www.endhonourkillings.org,  follow her Instagram page, connect on Linkedin and do check out Nina’s talk on the TEDx platform!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed by the Programme Participants are solely their current opinion and do not reflect the opinion of Womenlines!

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