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Womenlines.com Presents Digital Secrets Podcast Episode 6: General Assembly- the Ultimate Online Courses Platform

Womenlines brings to you Digital Secrets series in which Womenlines team is sharing about digital websites, youtube channels which can be helpful in self-growth of the readers!

COVID 19 has impacted everybody across the globe. The education sector has been also impacted and there is a sudden surge in virtual classes for all types of education. General Assembly is the ultimate Online Courses platform which is providing engaging training programs related to marketing, coding, web development, data, design, business and many other technical skills which are must acquire by professionals in present time!

General Assembly is a private, for-profit education organization founded by CEO Jake Schwartz, Adam Pritzker, Matthew Brimer, and Brad Hargreaves in early 2011. It maintains campuses in numerous countries throughout the world to teach entrepreneurs and business professionals practical technology skills. It provides courses in mobile and software engineering, data science, product management, and other digital-related courses.

What makes the General Assembly (https://generalassemb.ly/) are its world-class trainers who put their heart and soul and that too in all types of classes whether paid or free-

  1. Award-winning curriculum and expert instructors, on-campus and online.
  2. A global, professional community of 40,000-plus full- and part-time alumni.
  3. Career results from leading-edge courses, with mentorship each step of the way.

Entrepreneurs or professionals can elevate their career by learning from experts at General Assembly who teach with so much passion, whether online or offline. Organizations can transform their workforce with intensive training, assessments, and an exclusive hiring pipeline. Get ahead with expert-led training in coding, data, design, digital marketing, and more. Operating on 20 campuses internationally, including in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, GA offers a parade of courses in high-demand skills such as coding, UX and design, marketing, and product management.

Every week through June people can join the most popular workshops (ranging from $60 to $200 USD in value) — for free online courses at General Assembly. From coding to data and marketing, to UX design and career development, explore the tech skills that will keep you in demand and in the know.

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