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Global Recognitions for Womenlines Founder

global achievements

Womenlines founder Charu Mehrotra received various global recognitions for her work through her online magazine womenlines.com which is enlightening, empowering, enabling women across the globe and is listed in the top 50 women’s online magazines to follow in 2021!

Global Recognitions

In words of Charu Mehrotra-

“I am honoured to be on the cover page of the latest Digital version of the Greatness Engineering Magazine which is run by Mireille Toulekima an Award-Winning Global Entrepreneur /Petroleum Engineer /Local Content adviser/STEM Consultant /Business development strategist/Global Ambassador!
Thanks so much, Mireille. This is real women power I must say, together we can achieve big” In this issue, as part of Women’s History month, Mireille celebrates the first 100 women she had the pleasure to host on The Greatness Engineering Hour Show! I was really humbled to be in her show last year!”

“Thank you so much Talk Love Africa Foundation for recognizing my work and presenting me with the certificate of achievement. Acknowledgement of work really motivates me to keep doing the work which I am passionate about.
Let’s work together globally to promote excellence in women.”

“Thanks, Puja Talesara Bhandari for inviting me as a guest speaker to share my entrepreneurial journey with the participants of your Boot Camp for entrepreneurs “

“I am in the 12th year of my entrepreneurial journey friends! Suddenly I revisited the whole journey in a flash when I got an invitation as a guest speaker by leadership coach Puja Talesara Bhandari to share about my journey in the Boot Camp she has organised for entrepreneurs.

A journey which is on, full of ups, downs, joyous moments, surprise moments, moments when I was demotivated, moments when I was motivated to stand up and keep moving, moments when resilience muscle became the strongest muscle..moments of the craziness of just keep working upon my crazy ideas of coming up with an online magazine https://www.womenlines.com publishing exclusive content, interviews, videos, talk shows on business excellence, leadership skills and health tips (now listed in top 50 women’s online magazines to follow in 2021).
The journey will be ongoing as once an entrepreneur is forever an entrepreneur and will look forward to a more exciting journey in future.”

“Honoured and humbled to be invited as a speaker for the Women’s Day special event by ICE UNO.ICE is a unique acceleration program for Startups with a 5 stage business idea transformation process to nurture the unheard ideas from students, employees, enthusiastic entrepreneurs in making their dreams come true. Their efforts are to reach out to the founders and bring their ideas to light across industry sectors to ensure the new-age solutions are delivered for the stoned problems. Thanks, ICE UNO for the opportunity.”

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