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It is all about voicing your expertise to share with the global audience and grow your digital presence! Hear from the founder of Womenlines.com, Charu Mehrotra, why growing digital presence is important.

Womenlines, an online magazine listed in the top 50 women’s online magazines to be followed in 2021 and present on 8 social media platforms, is inviting womenfolk from any part of the globe to share their expertise, in form of an article or video and share with Womenlines global audience every month.

As Statista reported that in Jan 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users globally. Digital presence is a must for creating more visibility for oneself and one’s brands services. It is not just creating visibility by sharing on your own social media but you have to create visibility by showing your website at other places.

What is Digital Presence?

Digital presence is how your business appears online. Your web presence is made up of several different components and can be summed up as the impression your brand makes online through content, websites, search engines and other digital media and platforms.


Digital media means any media that are encoded in machine-readable formats. … Together, digital media refers to any information that is broadcast to us through a screen. This includes text, audio, video, and graphics that is transmitted over the internet, for viewing on the internet. Womenlines has created a media hub to use the power of digital media to empower women globally by publishing talk shows, audio, video, interviews articles on leadership, business, and health excellence for women. Womenlines is giving shout out to womenfolk across the globe to leverage Womenlines media and create awareness about their brand globally.

How many times have you taken a purchase decision based on a Google search? How many times have you picked a restaurant based on online reviews? Or even chosen a product over another because it looked “more reliable” on the internet? That is how powerful an online presence is to a business. And, if not managed well, it can be a deal-breaker.The more presentable your business looks on the web, the more likely customers are to trust you. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own—an offline or online business, a startup or a big enterprise—your presence and conduct on the web matters to your customers.


Womenlines online magazine is ready to welcome you and grow your digital presence globally. Email contact@womenlines.com to know the details.

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