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Grow Your Global Network, Attend Global Networking Day on 5th November!

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Remember, Remember The Fifth of November – It’s Global Networking Day!

British Networker of the Year Marc Jarrett believes the world should start celebrating this increasingly vital activity.

Jarrett, a business owner from Sussex, has announced that he will launch Global Networking Day, which he describes as a global networking festival.

“I’ve been extolling the virtues of virtual business networking since long before the pandemic because it saves so much time, money and carbon. But what I enjoy the most about networking this way is its global reach. The world really is our oyster when it comes to meeting interesting new people and growing our tribes in the virtual universe that we all now inhabit.”

Marc Jarrett

As part of his work, Jarrett has created and curated more than 200 WhatsApp groups covering a wide range of industries, businesses and social subjects and to which he has invited the crème de la crème of those fields.

“Networking remains an inherent part of the human condition. We’re all hardwired to grow our tribes. To this end, we need a special day where we celebrate doing this.”

Marc Jarrett

Jarrett spent most of his career in telecoms and in 2002, was first to market with custom ringtones and mobile screen logos. A decade later, he launched the world’s first celebrity chatline, which was featured in America on ABC, CNN, Howard Stern and the Wendy Williams Show.

Endorsed by the head of partnerships at Meta, Jarrett recently received the “Networker of The Year” award from the Speakers Are Leaders Bureau. Having overcome depression and gambling addiction, he is a strong advocate of mental wellbeing. Jarrett values authenticity and honesty. His ethos is “Open, Random and Supportive,” actively encouraging members of his network to share their traumas as well as their triumphs.

The desire for us to meet and form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures is in our collective DNA. We are hardwired to network.

One of the positives occasioned by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is that it was a shared experience. The word ‘pandemic’ is derived from the Greek pánd?mos, “of or belonging to all the people” — we are all in this together.

Another is that virtual business networking became a ‘thing’ saving enormous amounts of time, money and carbon, not to mention its globality.

This Networking Festival will take place on Virtual Experience Platform Remo and will be ‘freestyle’ with no time constraints or formal agenda.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, so with others.

See globalnetworkingday.com for more information.

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