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Health is Wealth Show- Leading Scientist Dr Paul Clayton Explains How to Boost Immunity

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Dr Paul Clayton, the leading scientist in the field of nutrition, in the ‘Health is Wealth’ show. Dr Paul is also clinical pharmacologist, and Pharmaco Nutritionist, who researches the medicinal uses of foods and how they impact the public health doctrine and advocates everywhere.He is currently a Fellow of the Institute of Food, Brain & Behaviour (Oxford). He is a former chairman of the Forum on Food and Health (UK). He has also been a scientific advisor to the UK governments’ Committee on the safety of the medicine. Not only has Dr Clayton devoted the majority of his life towards public knowledge and education in pharmacology, but he also is actively involved in teaching, developing clinical trials and publishing books and journals nutrition and medical research.

In the interview* above Dr Paul has answered in detail to questions below-

1)What is immunity and how we can boost it?

2) Why we are having challenges in building up a strong immunity? What awareness is missing in common people?

3) Dr Paul if we have a look at the data for the last few years we can make out that public health is declining. Though we have advanced in technology, researches, lifestyle intelligence and fertility is falling, people have started getting infected with chronic disease at a very young age, Autism rates seem to be skyrocketing. What’s happening exactly, isn’t it alarming?

4)There is a lot of awareness related to Omega 3, Omega 6, and medical outlets are filled with so many varieties of supplements. But People are not having exact knowledge that what it is, what is the importance of the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 and what they have to be mindful before picking up a supplement?

5) Fish oil supplements are considered to be must to be consumed. But again people are not aware of what to look for while choosing the supplement. Can you share some information regarding this? Whats exactly happens behind the actual science after the intake of these supplements?

6) Balance oil, a supplement from Zinzino, to help people to take care of omega intake is quite popular in European countries. As you are a member of the Medical advisory board to Zinzino can you share how balance oil is different from other products?

7) You have come up with a new book ‘Strengthening your immune system’. Can you highlight what it is all about?

8) Message to Womenlines readers and followers, what is the best way they can take of their health and immune system?

Dr Paul has come up with a very informative book related to strengthening the immune system, visit the link below to buy it on amazon-

Strengthening your immune system. How to fight infection, allergy and autoimmune disease: Evidence based pharmaco-nutrition ‘.

Visit https://drpaulclayton.eu/ to know more about Dr Paul Clayton!

If you want to enquire about Balance Oil you can email reena.strehle@gmail.com!

*Views expressed by the interviewee are his own based on his researches.

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