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How to Get to Know a New Neighbourhood

new neighbourhood

You got your new house, you settled down the whole house as per your dreams and now you want to know a new neighbourhood having faith in the saying that –

A good neighbour-a found treasure!

Chinese proverb

Moving into a new neighbourhood is certainly full of excitement as it gives you the wonderful chance to become part of a new circle. As a newcomer in a new community, the first impressions you will carry out will determine the quality of your relationship with your new neighbours. Now the question comes how to know your new neighbourhood?

 Let’s go through certain creative ways to get to know a new neighbourhood-

1. Be innovative while introducing yourself

It’s a great idea to take the first step as a newcomer in your neighbourhood as it can put your neighbours’ at ease. The fact that you are on the same street and the same locality is enough to initiate any conversation with the neighbours around. As you are a newcomer in the community be kind while introducing yourself to the neighbourhood. You can bring a gift to break the ice while introducing yourself. You can carry flowers or potted plants as a gift. Just be mindful not to carry any alcohol or food as these choices vary from person to person.

2. Seek advice from neighbours

As the whole neighbourhood is new to you, so you have to collect basic information related to it. Immediate neighbours are the best people to seek advice from. You can enquire about, the best schools, restaurants to try around, or which gyms are giving the best service. Once your neighbours will see how eager you are to know about your neighbourhood they will certainly be at ease and will love to share the information with you.

 3. Invite your neighbours for a house warming party

Arranging a housewarming party is the best way to make your neighbours at ease and understand them in a much better way. Plan out games, music, good food and engage with your neighbours best way, so you can use this opportunity to understand them better. Once that comfort level comes in communication then you can seek more information from them in understanding the neighbourhood better way.

4. Google about the place

Google is the best place to seek more information about your new neighbourhood. Incidents happening around the place, reviews by the residents around, what type of houses are there around the neighbourhood, shopping centres, schools etc. So much information you can take out by just searching on the internet. For eg you want to know about the houses on sale in the Vancouver area, you just have to type ‘Vancouver homes for sale’, or if you want to know the good school in Vancouver, you just have to write ‘Top schools in Vancouver’.

 5. Check the city events calendar

One of the best ways to know about any new neighbourhood is to engage in community events. Once you start engaging in the local events you are going to have much more interaction with people around and this can help you in better understanding your neighbourhood. While checking out the city events calendar you can take a note of fairs, festival celebrations, kid’s activities, the city’s chamber of commerce calendar, any parade planned for the year etc.

Getting to know your neighbours comes with a wide range of benefits, including more safety as you can have a pair of extra eyes watching your house, involvement in community events, more socialising, making new friends, Whether you need to borrow a screwdriver or want to share a cup of coffee, a good neighbour is always there to help. Whether it is joyous time or not so good times, these neighbourly bonds become special for you with time. Always remember we all are humans and are alike, therefore if you see a neighbour around, just a simple smile can be a good way to start with!

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