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How To Handle Walk-In Appointments at Your Salon

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Walk-in clients can be a double-edged sword for salons, as they can be tricky to fit into the schedule. Here’s how to handle walk-in appointments at your salon.

Walk-in appointments can be a double-edged sword for salon owners and stylists. They can be great for extra business and profit, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the time to squeeze them in for an appointment. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle walk-in appointments at your salon.

Setting Specific Walk-In Times

The first idea for handling walk-in appointments is setting specific walk-in times. Hair salons can get busy, so there’s not always enough time for unexpected walk-ins. If you set parameters for when you will take walk-in appointments and advertise that time, then clients will know the best time to come in. It’s a good idea to choose a few hours of the day when you know your salon is less busy so that you can offer services to walk-in clients. You don’t want to interfere with the timeframes of regular client appointments, so avoid choosing times of the day when you have a lot of regulars coming in.

Limiting Walk-In Services

Limiting services can also be helpful when dealing with walk-in appointments at your salon. Because you don’t always expect walk-ins and can’t determine what they will want before they get there, it’s a good idea to list which professional services your salon offers to walk-in clients. Standard trims and haircuts are the perfect services to add to the list because they tend to be simple, and stylists can execute them quickly. Doing a full hair coloring may not be a service you want to offer to walk-ins as it can take a lot of time to complete, disallowing you from getting to your regular appointments on time.

Designating a Walk-In Hairstylist

Another strategy you can use when handling walk-in appointments is designating a walk-in stylist. If your hair salon receives a high volume of walk-in clients regularly, choosing one or two stylists to take those appointments is a great option. You can rotate which stylists get this responsibility on certain days of the week. That way, your stylists can still get to their regular weekly appointments. For example, if one of your stylists doesn’t have a lot of scheduled appointments on a Monday, you can have that stylist handle most of the walk-ins on that specific weekday.Be sure to utilize these tips for handling walk-in salon appointments to create a more efficient business strategy for your salon. Once you have an effective strategy, you can easily serve regular and walk-in clients.

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