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How to Shift Yourself into a Positive State of Mind

Womenlines welcomes Anji Hallewell as an Influencer of Positive Mindset on the Womenlines panel. Anji is a Natural Strengths Coach, Trainer, and Founder of Hidden Lava.  In her sharing for this month, Anji is telling tips about how to shift yourself into a positive state of mind-

We all know that we are at our best when we are feeling positive, but it isn’t always so easy to shift ourselves when we aren’t feeling so upbeat. There is a side of us that likes to wallow, but there is also another side of us that is aware that we are feeling sorry for ourselves. It is this side that can muster up the energy to push you out of feeling low, down or negative. Here are some simple tips on how you can shift yourself into a positive state of mind-

Focus on what is going right

Often when things are going according to plan we naturally focus on all the things that have gone or are going wrong. However, this is only one side of the coin. I’ve witnessed remarkable things come out of terrible situations, such as family feuds extinguished on the back of great sadness. This shows not only good can come out of bad, but that both can co-exist. This is good news everybody, as it also means that there will be good things present when you only see the bad. So, before you press abort on a project or label yourself as a failure, ask yourself “what is going right?”, because there will be something. It is at the core of positive psychology to focus your attention on what is going right because it will spur you on to keep going and keep trying. This is at the heart of motivation and it will fuel you with the will to carry on and push through the bumpy times to reach your desired goal.

Change of environment

Whether you are at home or in the office, you need to get out! It’s time to temporarily change your environment so you can feed off a different kind of energy. Your environment will directly impact how you feel, period. When you are in a dull and low energy environment your mood will be equally as uninspiring, but when it is vibrant you feel nourished and invigorated. It could be as simple as going for a walk in the park or a stroll down a busy street soaking up the collective energy to perk you back up and inject a little bit of zest.

Be grateful

Just like focusing on what is going right with something, when you identify what you are grateful for in your life it creates positive feelings. There are many things that are already present in our lives that we take for granted – our health, relationships, liberty etc. There is always someone worse off than you, so recognise and acknowledge what you have, with gratitude. Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude on a regular basis are happier, have fewer problems and more positive in their outlook. Just saying!


Emotions, moods and energy are infectious and so is laughter. There was a recent Coca Cola advert that went viral. It was a man on the underground who was watching something on his hand-held device and was continuously laughing out loud. Completely in his own world, he let out a big belly laugh that was incredibly difficult not to laugh along with. Within minutes, it spread throughout the carriage like laughter gas. A laugh or a smile will release chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Humour can make light of any situation, no matter how serious, for some needed light relief. So, watch a comedy clip or have a conversation with someone you have fun with and it will raise your spirits.


Music is good for the soul. It can give you hope, lift your spirits and fire up your courage. When we listen to our favourite songs it activates the euphoric reward responses which we experience when doing things like, having sex and eating good food. Listening to pleasurable music is good for you. It can shift you, within a few minutes, into a more advantageous and happier place. So, create your playlist with all the tracks that will get you in the right frame of mind when you need it. It can be your on-demand mind shift.

So, the next time you are moping around, and you’d like to shift yourself into a better state of mind one or a combination of the above will only stir up positive energy for you to do so, shifting yourself into a better and happier place.

Anji Hallewell

Coach, Trainer & Founder

+65 8408 5042

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