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How to take care of your skin in the office?

take care of your skin

Working women, this question is for you- are you aware of ways to take care of your skin in your office?

Though working in an office is not considered hazardous, eight hours in a closed space with computers and air conditioners may have adverse effects on our skin. So what are the ways to protect it?

How to take care of your skin?


  • Conditioned air = dry skin
  • Sitting work = puffiness
  • Computer work = ?remature wrinkles
  • The busy pace of life = dark circles under the eyes
  • Indoor job = bleak facial appearance
  • Solution for all issues = Retinol&Collagen

Conditioned air = dry skin

The heat from radiators in winter and air conditioners in summer make the air drier, causing the skin to dry as well. If you add coffee to the equation, known for its strong diuretic effect, you get the risk of dehydration.

Our advice: drink more water while at work (half a gallon at least). And moisturize the skin with facial creams, serums, mists, and thermal water. After using the latter remember to wipe your face with a napkin to prevent side effects in dryness and tightness of the skin.

Sitting work = puffiness

A sedentary lifestyle, junk food and constant eye strain while working on a computer cause stagnation in the vessels, and dark under-eye bags appear as a result. To solve it you will need:

1. Rein into your diet

2. Do small exercises, for about a minute, every hour;

3. Take breaks to go outside and breathe fresh air.

Better lymphatic drainage in the eye area relieves puffiness. It can be improved with caffeine cosmetics, green tea extract, mint, shea butter, and organic jojoba oil.

Computer work = premature wrinkles

Long hours on the computer produce small wrinkles in the eye and bridge areas. That’s why office skincare has to include anti-ageing treatments. Regular use (for 3-4 months at the very least) of creams with vitamin C, peptides, glucans, rhamnose, and retinol increases the production of elastin and collagen, thus restoring skin’s firmness and elasticity. Using hyaluronic acid helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles, filling fine lines from within.

It is proven scientifically that so-called ‘blue light’ (HEV), emitted by the screen, also harms the skin:

1. Causes premature ageing

2. Makes facial tone and complexion fade

The best antidote for blue light is a single skincare formula combining retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

The busy pace of life = dark circles under the eyes

Constant deadlines and blue light from gadgets often ruin our lifestyles. Sleep deprivation and unending pressure cause dark circles under the eyes.

Fragile vessels lead to products of haemoglobin breakdown leaking into surrounding tissues, making the skin appear blue.

The universal cure is healthy 8-hour sleep in a well-ventilated room. And to support that, treatments with caffeine, vitamin C, aescin, and dextran are recommended. These components improve the bloodstream and the outflow of dark venous blood from the vessels.

Indoor jobs = bleak facial appearance

Fresh air deficiency in an office often leads to skin fading and the appearance of inflammation. Rest and skincare with antioxidants will be your saviour.  

· Beta-carotene;

· Vitamins C and E;

· Coenzyme Q10; 

· Green tea and hamamelis extracts.

Solution for all issues = Retinol&Collagen

Of course, each of the aforementioned problems can be treated with a separate product. But friends. Let us be honest. You won’t have time to apply them all before work. Since there has to be a break of at least 7 minutes in-between using each product. That’s why we recommend choosing the multi-purpose moisturizing cream Retinol&Collagen from Moonrin. It combines all the necessary components for the skin of an office worker to stay hydrated and shiny!

Organic aloe vera provides quality moisturizing for the skin. Green tea relieves facial puffiness. Retinol will surely combat premature wrinkles, while collagen increases skin firmness. And vitamins E and B5 will help restore your face’s natural shine!

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