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What Makes Freydis Eriksdottir Viking Warrior Special?


If you’re a feminist and believe in women empowerment, then Vikings: Valhalla, a series sharing the story of a great warrior Freydis Eriksdottir on Netflix will be a treat for you. Series is showcasing the set up in the 12th century, a time of frequent bloody warfare between the English and the Norse. The best part of the showcasing female leadership through women characters, who are depicted as just as tough and smart as the men.

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As History Extra explains, legend states that Freydís took part on the Viking expedition to Vinland. Since that expedition happened around 1000 C.E., Freydís was likely born around 970 C.E. (CREDIT:https://allthatsinteresting.com).

Legend one about Freydis comes from her father’s saga and portrays her as a tough woman who was braver than her fellow men. During the journey to Vinland (Newfoundland, North America) with her brother Leif and other vikings, Freydis was pregnant but it did not stop her from participating in the men’s business.

Freydis Eriksdottir was a Norse explorer and warrior who lived during the 10th century. She is notable for being one of the first European women to lead an expedition to North America, and for her role in the early history of the Norse settlements in Greenland and Vinland.

Freydis was the daughter of Erik the Red, the founder of the first Norse colony in Greenland. She was born and raised in Iceland, and was well-versed in the skills of navigation, hunting, and survival. She was also known for her fierce determination and leadership abilities. Freydis in a nutshell was tough as nails and laser-focused on survival in a ferocious, unforgiving world. 

What Makes Freydis Eriksdottir Special?

Freydís is described in the Icelandic Sagas as a fearless Viking warrior, masculine and strong. Freydis was considered as a capable warrior who was unstoppable. She was sexually assaulted by a Christian Viking who carved a cross into her back. This has made her incredibly anti-Christian.

  • In the year 1000, Freydis set out on an expedition to Vinland, a region in North America that the Norse had discovered a few years earlier. She led a group of 35 men and women, and is said to have been the only woman on the expedition.
  • Freydis’s expedition was notable for its success. She and her crew established a permanent settlement in Vinland, which was one of the first European settlements in North America. They also explored the region and established trade relations with the local indigenous people.
  • Freydis’s leadership and strategic skills were also demonstrated when her expedition faced conflicts with the indigenous people. She was able to rally her crew and successfully defend their settlement.
  • Freydis Eriksdottir’s expedition was the first known expedition led by a woman in the history of European exploration. Her courage, determination, and leadership skills were well ahead of her time. Her legacy is an inspiration for women in leadership roles today.

In conclusion, Freydis Eriksdottir was a remarkable woman who made a significant contribution to the history of exploration and settlement in North America. She was a leader who demonstrated courage, determination, and strategic thinking, and she remains an inspiration for women today.

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