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How Women In Business can get Financial Education?

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Women in business are growing worldwide in numbers. There’s been progress in the number of established businesses owned by women across the globe but one field where there is a big gap to be filled is the percentage of financial literate women! In this article, I am listing tips suggested by Kim Kiyosaki on how womenfolk can have financial education!

Low literacy rates about finance impact the lives of women as they work harder many time settle for earning less. They also can face serious repercussions like taking on large amounts of credit card debt and they can also experience difficulty managing their investments and taxes. Women were never taught about money. Especially when women get older due to bad money management find themselves in a financial crisis.

In this video published by YouTube channel London Real Kim Kiyosaki, an internationally renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host, and partner in the Rich Dad company, alongside her husband Robert Kiyosaki has shared -What it Really Takes for the Reward of Financial Freedom!

She began investing in real estate in 1989, and now own over 7000 rental units, 2 hotels and 4 golf courses, as well as commercial properties and other investments. Today she is known as an outspoken advocate for female financial education, with her books Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, by challenging the way tens of millions of women around the globe, think about money.

Numbers tell story to me!

Kim Kiyosaki

London Real is the curator of people worth watching. Its mission is to promote personal transformation through inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment. They feature interesting guests with fascinating stories and unique perspectives on life. They aim to take viewers on a journey through the lives of others and ultimately inspire them to embark on one of their own.

How Women In Business can get Financial Education?

  1. Women-owned businesses are making less money. Challenge yourself as women in business to look at how big your business can be.
  2. Learn the language about money. There is a lot of jargon to be understood.
  3. Income, expense, asset, liability, cash flow- all topics terms to be understood clearly by every woman in business.
  4. Find in which sector you are interested and educate yourself- business, real estate, stock market, paper assets, commodities like gold, silver, oil, gas, soybean, coffee.
  5. Pick one asset, learn a little bit and start putting little money down.
  6. Nobody will understand your money better than you. Play the Cashflow game. There are Cashflow game clubs.
  7. Passive incomes should be greater than active income, always remember.
  8. Don’t focus on income, focus on creating assets and then assets create income for you.
  9. Three important characteristics for women in business-resiliency, sense of purpose, optimism!
  10. The relationship with money has to be clear. Women in business should be charging for whatever problem they are solving through their business.
  11. Buy one share of stock, maybe 2 shares, start making phone calls to brokers, buy one silver or gold in, observe the market, accumulate knowledge and learn how the market works. Then start investing mre.

Check out full episode at https://londonreal.tv/kim-kiyosaki-rich-woman/!

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