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HSBC World Women’s Championship (HWWC) Business Forum in Singapore

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I had a fantastic experience attending the HSBC World Women’s Championship (HWWC) Business Forum organised by She Loves Tech (an acceleration platform for women and technology), and I am grateful to SGWEN for giving me the opportunity to be there. The event was mainly organized by HSBC and featured inspiring entrepreneurs who have put their hearts and souls into building successful ventures.

I was able to hear from some incredible speakers, including pro golfer Michelle Wie West on pro sports, women, and investing in startups, as well as the founders of Love, Bonito, PropertyGuru Group, and CARSOME on navigating challenges. Senior leaders from EngageRocket, Microsoft, MBS, and Swire Shipping also spoke about workforce empowerment.

The speakers shared some valuable tips for entrepreneurs, such as the importance of focusing on innovation, solutions, and milestones, trusting the power of community, having clarity in prioritizing tasks, and developing the skill of active listening. They also emphasized that sharing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and that self-care is essential for success.

One session that stood out to me was led by Carla Henry, Founder of The Purpose Collective, on living and leading with purpose. It was quite insightful and made me think deeply about my own purpose.

Overall, I am grateful to the organizers and speakers for sharing their valuable insights with us at the HSBC World Women’s Championship (HWWC) Business Forum.

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