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Learn skills to build relationships with difficult people as they are not difficult but different

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As an online media partner, Womenlines takes pleasure to share about upcoming webinar series by Leadership Demystified Webinars (founded by Puja Talesara Bhandari, strengthened by Sandeep Mukhi, Snehal R Singh, Dr Vanditaa Dar) centred around Communication Skills, with the Global renowned Facilitators. Improve communication skills and achieve excellence-


The first facilitator in the series is Gautam Gouthi, who has helped professionals across the globe to ace their communication and strengthen their relationships. When we communicate how much we want to communicate effectively so that our message is delivered. There are 4 different styles people communicate across. In order to bring trust and communicate to achieve results, you should be equipped with the right skills to communicate with them. Discover how to communicate with people with 4 different styles of people-controlling, analyzing, persuading and supporting.
The model taught by Gautam Gouthi will help you to excel in outer communication and you can successfully achieve results!

Please e-mail contact@ to know further details and register.
Date of the webinar -17th May at 8:00 pm IST

Let’s Communicate to connect with an impact!

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