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Incredible Linkedin Show Humanising Business and Sharing Real Life Stories- Create The Edge

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about a Linkedln based Show ‘Create The Edge'(CTE) which is reaching out to many professionals, entrepreneurs, and many self-employed people across the globe and giving them a chance to share their stories, opinions, views about various interesting topics. CTE founders Joy Abdullah from Kuala Lumpur and Saheb Youssef Bakhsh from Singapore came up with #StayOnTheEdge guest series and #RiseAboveTheEdge thematic series to share with people the immense knowledge available in their network.

No matter what kind of education we have or how many degrees we have earned, there are many things which we can learn from the experiences of other human beings. CTE followers are getting this wonderful opportunity to learn from so many achievers who are sharing their learning in their life amazingly at the CTE show.

Back Story to how  Create The Edge (CTE) came about-


There comes a moment in time when we realize we’re at a crossroad. On one side is the choice to keep doing what one is doing and expect a change in the result. On the other is to listen to one’s heart and take a leap of faith!

This is the story of two men, years apart in age yet, with uncanny similarities in mindset, values, beliefs and, most importantly, with a burning desire to help people and businesses showcase the value they have and create.

Nov 2018 we were jobseekers. Helping each other look for the right roles, network referrals and contacts. Each step of the way both faced many an obstacle of various nature.

Whilst job searching, we were jointly interacting, as freelance consultants in strategy, sales, marketing and business development, with a large number of people and their businesses, ranging from start-ups to corporate leadership, across the globe.

By Feb 2019 we realised that humanising business is a common passion for us.

What is humanising business?

It’s all about being inclusive and appreciative of employees. Instead of treating employees as a payroll cost, it’s about valuing the intelligence and perspectives they bring in their job function to the brand. By engaging and aligning them with the business purpose and empowering them to lead and represent the brand business is able to create a unique brand experience. Unique from the perspective of the experience is an emotional feeling which creates a strong predisposition towards the brand. This is un-imitable, and it grows over time as it is nurtured, thus making it sustainable.

This realization brought home the fact that when individuals C.A.R.E. – Connect, Appreciate, Relate, Engage- it brings about a conducive environment. An environment where each helps the other in order to help themselves.

The journey, for an individual and a business, in doing this is what we call #CreateTheEdge ™®©

C – Connect with your clients
R – Relate to actual needs and requirements
E – Engage meaningfully
A – take necessary Action
T – stay abreast with Transformation
E – Embrace change

the – “how-to” and “by”

E – Empathizing with your team
D – Defining the brand and business purpose
G – Galvanizing and empowering your team
E – Educating clients, employees, stakeholders

This was the genesis of #CreateTheEdge ™® ©. In Feb 2019 to create visibility, we decided to concentrate our efforts on LinkedIn and developed our #StayOnTheEdge guest series and #RiseAboveTheEdge thematic series to share with people the immense knowledge available in our network.



Joy Abdullah

A strategic marketing leader who humanizes businesses by helping them in creating a unique brand experience, by harnessing the value of their employees, that becomes a competitive and sustainable advantage.

Focusing on creating the emotional connection, using inclusivity and empowerment he gets, employees, aligned and engaged with the business purpose and values in order for the brand to be humanly represented through the people that walk behind the brand.

One of ‘Malaysia’s 10 Most Engaged Marketing Folks on LinkedIn in 2015’ & One of the ‘100 Most Inspirational LinkedIn Icons in Malaysia in 2019’ he has Asia-centric international experience in business strategy, marketing, and business operations that deliver measurable and profitable growth.



Saheb Youssef Bakhsh

15 + years of experience in showing people and brands on how to C.A.R.E. Connect, Appreciate, Relate and Engage meaningfully, while defining their WHY, by aligning their Actions, to their Vision, Mission and Purpose and help Create The Edge ™®© over the competition. He lives, breathes and bleeds Sales and Business Development through Relationship Building. He shows businesses how to Collaborate to Co-Create and redefine their approach to get a Competitive Advantage.

An only child, of a single mother, who has faced life’s challenges head-on, to having had a professional music band when he was 15 years old, to have moved to Australia at 17, and negotiating some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects at 30.

A country strategy consultant for an NYSE listed company at present, his first two jobs were that of a Paper Delivery Boy and Dishwasher in Melbourne when he was 17. Through sheer determination, resolve, grit and confidence, he has been able to play integral roles in Strategy and Communications at MNCs as well as had the privilege to spearhead a few start-ups and franchise businesses.

He juggles a corporate career, roles as an independent consultant and podcast host and content creator, and is 1 person among less than 100 people, amongst 620 million users across the world on LinkedIn, who has Beta Tester access to #LinkedInLive Streaming.

To follow CTE show please connect- www.linkedin.com/in/saheb-youssef-bakhsh


-Joy AbdullahSaheb Youssef Bakhsh





Let Excellence be your Brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines






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