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Popularising Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in young minds across Singapore- Innovation Garage

Womenlines is an online magazine promoting excellence in women. Womenlines understands how important role Womenfolk have to play as mothers to empower their children with the latest skills and knowledge which can help them to excel in their life. Womenlines team is putting continuous efforts to bring empowering content which can equip women with such information and knowledge. In the Youngpreneur’s Excellence series we are delighted to share about ‘Innovation Garage’ which is working amazingly towards popularising STEM in children through various workshops and projects across Singapore.

Gabriel J Perumal is the founder of Innovation Garage, a company in Singapore which is into conducting workshops, teaching kids ‘Electronics’ and ‘Robotics’ and helping them to turn their ideas to reality. Gabriel is a very passionate entrepreneur and is dedicated to popularising STEM in kids in Singapore. He wants kids to believe that they can be innovators. Gabriel is also teaching the young minds in various schools, how using electronics and robotics as tools to create their journey of innovation. He has also developed the STEM Based Curriculum with special focus on the ‘Code for Fun’ Program Endorsed by Infocomm Development Media Authority (IMDA)!

The question arises that why so much emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-

“STEM Education, a term initiated by the National Science Foundation, is an educational approach which focuses on one or more of the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. In an era when technical and scientific skills are increasingly important in the workforce, exposing children to STEM learning in the early years is key. Currently, only 26% of STEM jobs are held by women. It is important to ensure that girls, as well as boys, are exposed to and encouraged in the area of STEM.”*

Parents are required to provide such enriching opportunities and atmosphere to their kids which can help them to inculcate interest in STEM since childhood. Innovation Garage workshops can help parents to provide a wonderful opportunity for their kids to have ‘hands-on’ experience in the field of coding and robotics.

Some key achievements by Innovation Garage-

  • HP INC is supporting Innovation Garage’s mission in empowering the next generation of ‘Innovators’ through ‘Project Unleash’ an Innovation Progam using the Microbit Platform to teach computational thinking to students at ‘Big Hearts Student Care’.
  • US Embassy Singapore selected Gabriel to represent Singapore in The YSEALI STEM EXCHANGE Program 2018 in Cambodia.

Gabriel’s ultimate vision is to create educational products specialized in Electronics and Robotics, to engage the students to create their very own projects and eventually build their very own products to bring to the marketplace.

Is your child having some idea about any product he wants to build or you as a parent yourself want to do something for your company social responsibility ( CSR ) project? Do you want your child to use his/her time productively by engaging in an innovative workshop at Innovation Garage? You can also plan out a workshop at your venue by inviting your child’s friends in the community. Innovation Garage team can conduct the workshop at any venue or plan out a workshop too!

Visit https://www.innovationgaragesg.com/ to know details about Innovation Garage and connect with Gabriel at +6596530164 and turn your ideas into reality!

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