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It’s all about Immunity- Boost it best way to be Healthy

Womenlines takes pleasure to have Dr Rukshin Master from Singapore as a guest contributor at Womenlines. Dr Rukshin Master is an alternative medicine practitioner having done her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She is a PhD (Scholar) and runs a successful practice in Singapore.

2020 is a year to remember not only for Covid 19 but also because it created in people a sense of realisation of how important it actually is to take care of your body. We weren’t giving it the kind of time and respect it deserved but instead took advantage of its restorative powers and because it would bounce back so quick after every abuse, we just pulled it along till it broke down again.

However, 2020 changed that. People now have started valuing the body for what is it and I see conscious efforts made by those around me to heal their bodies.

A word however that keeps propping up in every discussion is “Immunity”. Now, what exactly is Immunity? Is Immunity that which prevents us from getting sick? Definitely no. Research has shown a body needs to fall sick every now and then to remain healthy. So, is it preventing getting any kind of bacterial or viral infection? Unfortunately, no again. Our body itself is made up of millions of bacteria and virus which aid it in its protection. So, what is Immunity? Well, immunity is living in synchronicity with your environment and giving your body the capability to respond in proportion to the stimulus.

What I mean by that is that we do not live in a sterile bubble. Our bodies are 24 * 7 surrounded by infections and a mask or a shield offer no protection to most of them. So, there is only one solution available – which is strengthening your immune system so that it can quickly eliminate the threat most often without you even realising it.

Do you know that your body daily produces a minimum of 8 cancer cells that can proliferate, but your immune system captures them well in time and annihilates them before they can go rogue? Similarly, based on everything you touch, everything you inhale, everything that may enter through any mucous membrane, your body is constantly fighting to protect you from everything.

But, the minute you start messing with your immunity, the minute you do things to destroy it’s very existence that’s when you fall prey to serious conditions and suffer.

It is now scientifically proven that an immune system is the very crux of good health and every disease from allergies to cancer all depend on your immune system to recover.

So, in short, what destroys it? A bad diet, improper lifestyle, poor sleeping habits, quick-relief medications, frequent use of antibiotics, immunosuppressive treatments (steroids), poor gut microbiome, sedentary habits, stress and negative emotions are all responsible for poor immunity.

A poorly treated condition will often make the symptom disappear temporarily but if the defect in the immune system isn’t treated the disease will manifest in another place in another way, but will never fully leave you till you address the underlying issue.

What makes your immunity better? A balanced diet, an active lifestyle, a positive frame of mind, a healthy gut and any treatment that doesn’t simply eliminate the symptom but also addresses the cause of the disease and treats the ailment more naturally.

Dr Rukshin Master is an alternative medicine practitioner having done her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She is a PhD (Scholar) and runs a successful practice in Singapore.

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