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She Sparks Bootcamp was Successful in Empowering Women with Leadership and Branding Skills in Singapore

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Womenlines as an online media partner for the Boot Camp on the topic  ‘Self-Leadership and Self-Branding by She Sparks takes pleasure to share synopsis about the whole Bootcamp-

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

How beautifully Aristotle quote highlights the importance of understanding the authentic oneself which can lead to achieving excellence in life. Bootcamp by She Sparks was focussed to help the participants in rediscovering themselves and present themselves using branding tools in an authentic way to achieve success in life.

She Sparks Personal Branding and Personal Leadership for Women Bootcamp was brilliantly organised by Leadership Coach and founder of Leadership Demystified Webinars, Puja Talesara and a successful entrepreneur acknowledged as ‘The youngest Business Guru in Singapore’ CEO of SC Beauty Network and Bebebargains, Leza Klenk on 26 May at Cucina Restaurant, Singapore.

The One-day boot camp aimed at enabling women to create an impact and influence in all settings. The bedrock of the boot camp was Success is knowing oneself being comfortable with self and leveraging self to create impact and influence.

It was purposed to enable women to strive for excellence, achieve excellence and let excellence be their brand.

The two important components of boot camp were Personal Leadership and Personal Branding. The methodology deployed is a blend of tools, role-plays, real-life insights and the key mantras to practise.

Participants were delighted to go through self-awareness exercises, carried by Leadership Coach Puja Talesara, as it helped them to reflect mindfully on their strengths and weaknesses, how assertive they are, developing their Core Purpose Statement and what ‘Legacy’ are they going to leave behind. As a leadership coach Puja was terrific in empowering all participants with tools to how to ‘Communicate to Connect’; ‘How to build Assertive Muscle’; ‘How to focus’ and finally’ How to build up your confidence vessel’.

Leza Klenk, the serial entrepreneur wonderfully carried out the Self- branding workshop and empowered the participants with the right mindset required for self-branding. Her sharing with the participants helped them in understanding how important is self-branding and what are the key points to excel in self-branding. Leza asked the participants to’ Identify where the audience is’ ; ‘What do you want to be remembered as’. She shared fantastic tips on  ‘How to use social media for self-branding; How important is to have Unified theme in your content sharing and most important ‘How to handle negative feedback on social media’. She also brilliantly touched on how to use ‘Story Telling’ for self-branding.

MS Suchi, Conference Speaker, Chair Person, Asia GGA, Coach, Trainer conducted an awesome workshop on  ‘How To Prevent Burnouts’ during the boot camp. She carried out various laughter exercises and helped the participants to understand the importance of using the body as a tool to create happy hormones within, which can instantly help them to fight the burnouts!

Two-panel discussions at the end of the workshop worked like an icing on the cake. Successful women leaders from across the society from Singapore shared their entrepreneurship journey and reflected on the topics of leadership and branding with the audience. Leadership Coach Puja Talesara Bhandari conducted a panel discussion on the topic ‘Personal Leadership for Women’ with Women Leaders Joyce Kingsly ( chairperson LISHA Women’s Wing) Renuka Arora Bhagat (Founder Radio Masti 24×7 LIVE, Singapore) and  Louisa Lee II (Parallel Entrepreneur, Congruent Leader, Coach). Serial Entrepreneur. Serial Entrepreneur Leza Klenk conducted the second-panel discussion on the topic of ‘Importance of Self-Branding’ with women leaders Stacey Riley (Head of Business development WellteQ), Laetitia Wong (Career and Sales Mentor), and Charu Mehrotra (founder of online magazine Womenlines).


Womenlines wishes all the best to She Sparks team for their bright future and to come up with more bootcamps across the world!


Let Excellence be your brand!

Charu Mehrotra

Founder Womenlines


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