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Are you Doing Everything in your Marketing, yet the Sales aren’t Rolling in?


Learn from B2B Marketing coach Joy Abdullah some insightful tips which can help your sales roll in!

Womenlines takes pleasure to share guest contributions by B2B Marketing Coach Joy Abdullah at Womenlines under the Business Excellence segment!

What is marketing? How the marketing strategy has to be planned? What are the key elements of marketing? There are so many aspects of marketing that Joy Abdullah explains in a very simple way on his youtube channel. Do check out!

As a B2B service business CEO this might surprise you but here’s why your audience isn’t lining up to buy from you:

  • Thought- Leader: Your brand is not establishing itself as an authority
  • Niche: It’s not clearly communicating how your expertise creates the solution they need.
  • Confused: Your brand content isn’t creating the engagement you know it deserves.

It leaves you feeling overwhelmed and trying to figure out what to do.

Sounds familiar?

Allow me to help you start reimagining your marketing strategy!

Start with these 3 steps:

  • AUDIT your current marketing activities:
    Take stock of what you’ve done, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Tip: Look at the videos you’ve done. What was their reach & watch time? What was the performance metric for each video and did you achieve it?
  • Create a STOP list:
    Put together a list of activities and content that didn’t work. Then check your current marketing plan and cut them from it if they are still there. Tip: Check how the links of your content to your website have performed.
    If the targeted number wasn’t achieved, it might be better to stop this and have just one main call to action.
  • Use your channel INSIGHTS:
    Depend on the data to show you the path. Not opinions. Identify what worked and get more of that on the marketing plan. Tip: Look at what the data says for various content formats. Do more of what gets higher reach and comments.

When you’ve gone through these 3 steps thoroughly you’ll see a new marketing strategy emerging. All you now need to do is to draw up the execution plan. By channel, by content theme, and format.

Bonus tip:
Experiment, across social media channels, with one item at a time for a limited period.
See what the data says.

Learn, adapt, repeat.

Stay consistent and ensure your brand’s purpose & core values are clearly communicated such that they are emotionally relevant to your preferred client audience.

Do this to get your marketing in great shape for the year!

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Joy Abdullah

Joy is a strategic marketing specialist who guides B2B service business owners in creating marketing impact that influences the perceptions of how stakeholders see the brand from content, technology, & business growth perspective.

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