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Lunch Box ideas for a busy Mom!

Lunchbox, kids, and mummies have a sweet and sour relationship since the beginning  of the school journey:)!   tiffin

As a mother, I have always tried my best to be innovative with my kids’ lunch box and provide him a variety of food options which he can enjoy in school. Being a work from home mother many times it becomes challenging to generate a new idea and I have to repeat the options which I have already given him previously. And then starts the fight, he doesn’t like to eat, or maybe he is not excited to see his tiffin box, or he wants something else.So many thoughts come to my mind to reason out his dislike to finish his tiffin box(though I wonder how I used to finish in my school days when I used to get limited options:) which I always enjoyed eating). Maybe kids are easily bored now as we as parents only give them so many options. Or we have pampered them and spoiled too.

Whatever the reason they have already been pampered and spoiled. So for mothers, there is no option besides only giving the variety of choices to their kids. Luckily over new year I came across this link which I will love to share with my readers-


Ms. Amy Locurto i is a graphic designer and DIY lifestyle blogger from Dallas, Texas who specializes in craftsparty ideasprintable designs, and recipes. Her goal is to inspire others to be more creative. In this link, she has shared numerous ideas how to be creative with kid’s lunches and how to make it more interesting. 

My new year resolution now includes to follow Amy’s suggestions and make my kid’s lunch impressive and healthy. Friends wish me luck that I am able to keep my resolution and follow it;))

Readers are requested to share their suggestions and ideas if they know about other ways to make kid’s lunches interesting.Thanks in advance!:))


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