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Mental Fortune Cookies

Womenlines welcomes Dr Tazeen Siddiqui as a guest contributor at Womenlines. She is the Managing Director at Mansha Educational Society, India. In her article, Dr Tazeen is sharing about interesting cookies which can do wonders in the workplace, named as ‘Mental Fortune Cookies’-

‘Mental Fortune Cookies’ can be helpful to run an efficient organization!

Organizations need to develop their team into not just efficient employees, but as the family who owns it completely. When the feeling of ownership is felt in every employee that “It is mine “then starts the real and pure power of giving the best with the right attitude of ownership and compassion.

To develop a great team, we need to provide them with” Mental Fortune cookies ” in the environment of the workplace that includes the freedom to raise their opinion and freedom to express their hearts and worries. Most important aspects of “Mental Fortune Cookies” that make their life taste the best is the ‘Mental Peace’ that is generated by Justice, Equality, Compassion and Freedom. Mental Fortune cookies that are cooked with ingredients of justice, equality, compassion, trust and freedom for the team taste the best as it is loved by all and the magic of it when shared leads to the transformation of hearts and minds.

Transformation in behaviour, attitude and reactions are the results of tasting the ‘Mental Fortune Cookies’ in the environment feeling satisfied with work, at its best with peace.


Dr Tazeen Siddiqui

Dr Tazeen Siddiqui,
Managing Director
Mansha Educational society


I love sharing knowledge and help everyone to rise with Excellence.
I am an Educationist and Educational consultant Hyderabad, presented paper at Harvard University on Multiple Intelligences 54, Blogger Times of India, Long term economy blog, GGA Global Goodwill Ambassador Director India.
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