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Now Add Wifi To Ceiling Fan

add wifi to ceiling fan

Now control your home appliances from anywhere and everywhere. Now add wifi to ceiling fan with this device, as it works as a bridge between the wifi and the remote’s recorded signals.

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Description of the product:

  • It turns remote controlled fan, fireplace or Somfy shades (does not support garage doors) smart in seconds. Activate the fan, control fan speeds, and switch on lights—all from your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, Amazon Echo, or Google Home Assistant. With this, you’ll be able to use these smart devices to do whatever your remote control could do.
  • This device is certified by Amazon and Google to work with Alexa and the Google Home Assistant. Control your ceiling fan with voice commands. You’ll never need to reach for the light switch or the remote again. Controlling a ceiling fan and fireplace has never been easier.
  • A single Bond can control up to thirty ceiling fans from one central location. The can device record and transmit RF (radio frequency) as well as IR (infrared) signals, so it will work regardless of what kind of remote you have. The area range is about 2,500 sq. ft. so you’ll be able to control fans in other rooms or on another floor.
  • Its set up is extremely quick and easy. Simply plug in the device, download the app to your phone, point your fan remote towards the device, and you’re done! All of the functions on your remote—including fan speed, light dimmer settings can now be controlled via the device.
  • Everybody wants devices and appliances with smart home functionality, but many of these products are extremely expensive. But with this brand, you can make your old appliances smart without replacing them. Their software currently supports ceiling fans and electric and gas fireplaces, and somfy motorized shades.
    Waiting for what? Go, and add wifi to ceiling fan!

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