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Opportunity to Get Fit and Receive Beauty Tips

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Glowing skin with a fit body- a dream for women from all age groups, isn’t it?


It is all about how much mindful you are about the daily care of your skin and what products are you using. Do you have any idea what are the ingredients of the product, which you are applying on your skin? Think about it!


BWL is a Singapore listed company for 28 years specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium skin care products. BWL strongly believes that we all feel happy and confident if we look and feel good. Yet without care, our skins usually succumb to the wearing of age. BWL skincare and personal care products restore and recondition your skin thus transforming it to reveal you’re natural beauty. The fact that two women with incredible credentials Dr Dora Hoan and Dr Doreen Tan founded BWL, strengthen the credibility of BWL. What is unique about BWL is that company emphasizes on the usage of natural ingredients in all their products. Particularly skincare range known as Dr’s Secret. Jojoba oil, aloe vera, slippery elm and many other natural ingredients nourish your skin and give you younger look.BWL has been honoured with numerous corporate and brand awards over the years. The latest addition to their award bucket is the Gold award for the best investor relations campaign for PR Awards 2017.

Join for a Jumba session at BWL office and get beauty tips at the end of the session about how you can use skin care range to get a flawless skin forever-



Venue: BWL Raffles, 55 Market St, Singapore 048941


Register for free at contact@www.womenlines.com


Get fit and also get beauty tips!






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