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Pinkstripes Career Re-start Workshop in Singapore


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An event to help women to re-start their career!

Womenfolk who are looking forward to re-start their career will find this hands-on event interesting!

Women are often surrounded by self-doubt for various reasons, they feel they are constantly being judged and are under pressure to perform. Sounds familiar?

Your career re-start does not have to be that way. Career re-start event can help women across the bridge of transition with a curated panel discussion and hands-on workshop that gives access to real talk on dealing with change, re-inventing careers, finding alignment between heart and brain and a much needed honest look at the LinkedIn profile and CV skills.

The Career Re-Start Workshop is an intimate, full day, hands-on platform for women seeking to start or change careers, be it in startups or corporates.

Ask anything!! Transitioning, marketing, HR, brand building, networking, tech, data, digital, changing careers, balancing with family, how to find your key strengths to position for the future.

This workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to broaden your network with career enablers and other like-minded people, hear personal stories from those who have carved a niche for themselves and are now in a position to help you take charge of your career journey.

Trainers at the workshop will also show you how to walk your talk through a series of workshops to get familiar with insights, strategies & hands-on tools to help you spring back!!

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