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Power tips to Raise Self Image-Wayne Donnelly

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March is such an exciting month with International Women’s Day!

Womenlines team is all geared up to bring to all lovely womenfolk from across the globe throughout the month ‘THE CONTENT’ (video, panel discussions, interviews, articles), to inspire, motivate, acknowledge, enable them to unleash the phenomenal woman within them!!!!

Womenlines takes pleasure to Welcome Wayne Donnelly ‘Thought Leadership’ from Australia in IWD 2020 Special edition. Wayne is a Conference Speaker, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist, & Entertainer. Wayne is sharing powerful tips about raising self- image.

Wayne has overcome adversity through the power of the unconscious mind. His journey has gone from ending life to embracing life. The experience led him to study and become a devotee of behavioural change. Since 2009 he has been helping people create powerful, positive changes in their lives so they can do more, be more and have more… to reach towards their human potential.

Speaking Topics 

When delivering speeches Wayne includes an experience of what it is like to create a change in the mindset. This is the WOW factor. Informative and experiential.

  • ·       Develop Ultimate Confidence
  • ·       Be Immediately Irresistible & Influential
  • ·       Mine The Gold In Your Mind
  • ·       Create Your Ultimate Self
  • ·       Learn the 3Rs of Resilience 
  • –    Persuasive Communication
  • –    Success By Changing Your Mind

Wayne mentions that –

“There is a certain magic in harnessing the power of the mind and using that power to transform lives. Watching people step out of being stuck and into the freedom of being who they are destined to be is a thrill I never tire of.”

Visit waynedonnelly.com to know more about Wayne!

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