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Meet Anubhuti Dhote – Professional of the Week -Singapore

professional of the week

Welcome to the ‘Professional of the Week’ show at Womenlines!

The focus of the ‘Professional of the Week’ show is is to recognize exemplary women professionals from across the globe and voice out their expertise globally. The candidate will have done exceptional superior work effort, known for job knowledge and outstanding accomplishments. The hard work behind her alignment of focussed intentions, decisions, and meaningful actions is the foundation of the success she has achieved until now in her career journey. Womenlines team wants to celebrate such professional’s achievements and hard work and share those insights from her success journey which can help other women professionals to achieve their dream across the globe.

Meet Anubhuti Dhote the Professional of the week from Singapore

Anubhuti is having a successful career in Singapore for the last 15 years. She has worked in different industries like media, digital, real estate, telco, IT and currently working for a technology company. With international and local experience, in Singapore and in the APAC region, she aims to leverage her experience to add value to the organization she works. Anubhuti offers strong interpersonal skills and values of integrity. She strongly believes in the quote-

Hard work is the key to success!

Exclusive Achievements

Anubhuti has been awarded by CMO Asia (on behalf of her former companies ), Berg Singapore, and she has received multiple recognitions for her superb performances in the former companies.

Anubhuti has been acknowledged and appreciated for her work multiple times throughout her professional journey. Praiseworthy words by her clients, colleagues, and seniors appreciating her work ethics speak volumes about her work-

Anubhuti is a rockstar sales leader who will be an asset to any sales team. She has strong empathy to understand and solve for Customers pain points and the trustworthiness needed to build Long term customer relationships.

The good thing about her; is she will always get back with multiple options after understanding clients pain points and needs, she deep dives and comes up with intelligent suggestions, she can be an asset for any organization.

Womenlines is looking forward to welcoming Anubhuti to the show in the coming weeks and listening to the secrets behind her accomplishments!

Connect with Anubhuti on Linkedin!

Do check out Anubhuti’s video interview in the ‘Professional of the Week’ show in the coming weeks at Womenlines!

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