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Prove You’re Human… In Emails Too! 

Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Shirley Taylor as a guest Influencer at Womenlines panel. Shirley is a leading authority on business writing and communication skills and an international bestselling author. In her article, Shirley is highlighting how important it is to give a human touch to your emails-


And there lies the key. As humans, we have the one quality that robots and A.I don’t have, and that is the very quality that we are human!

Let’s face it, online every day we’ve all been asked to “tick the boxes showing which photos include traffic lights. Other online forms get straight to the point and ask us to prove you are human.

Surely this should also apply when we put our fingers on the keyboard to write emails?

Proving we are human in our business emails means we must:

  • write like a warm, friendly 2019 human being
  • write appropriately for the situation and the reader
  • be courteous and professional always
  • keep messages simple, clear and understandable
  • make messages easy to scan
  • let readers know exactly what to do and how to reply

Proving we are human means we should NOT:

  • write like a boring, monotone, 1920s template
  • send rushed messages with poor sentence construction
  • use jargon, acronyms and emojis in business emails
  • write long-winded messages
  • make readers hunt around trying to figure out how to reply
  • leave readers wondering how to reply


In our fast-paced, ever-changing, high-tech world, it’s up to us as humans to make a

human difference.

So… are you proving you’re human?


Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor is a leading authority on business writing and communication skills and an international bestselling author. She lives in Singapore and conducts popular business writing training programmes. She also speaks globally on making a human difference in our high-tech world. www.shirleytaylor.com – www.sttstraining.com



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