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Retractable Self Defense Hiking Stick

hiking stick

A hiking stick is a useful accessory for hikers, trekkers, and walkers. It provides stability and support on uneven terrain and helps to distribute weight more evenly across the body, reducing stress on the knees, legs, and back. Hiking sticks can also be used as a tool for crossing streams or to check the depth of mud or snow. They are usually made from lightweight materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre and can be adjusted to the user’s height. Some hiking sticks also have additional features such as a camera mount, GPS system, or compass. A hiking stick is a simple yet effective tool that can improve the hiking experience and make it more enjoyable and safe.

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Self-Defense Hiking Stick

Stainless steel pen buckle and all-steel construction. Broken window tail vertebra, rubber hexagon handle, and one-button spring for opening. 

Steel alloy body (quenched and hardened, fine and durable) 

Broken tail vertebra of a window (double the strength of quenched alloy steel)

 Spring stick automatically (one-click pop-up automatic retractable hidden broken window)

 (304 stainless steel) lock-in safety design portable pen buckle 

When not in use, lock the swivel buckle to prevent unintentional pushing. 

Automatic spring stick solution in one click 

One-key operation, one-click pop-up, three-section swing stick that retracts automatically, and a hidden broken window 

Improved non-slip texture for the hands

 Do not let go of the handle’s non-slip, soft leather texture, which increases friction effectively. 

Specification of the hiking stick

 Material: Alloy steel

Use: Car home store security

Style: 16 inches (19–39.5CM), 21 inches (24–52.5CM), 26 inches (29–65.5 CM)

Features: non-slip and wear-resistant. comfortable shock absorption, not easy to take off

26 inch? Shrinkage length: 29CM weight: 650G1

6 inch? Shrinkage length: 19CM weight: 255G  

Packing list: Retractable Self Defense Hiking Stick x1

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