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5 Interesting Facts about Female Golden Globe Winners 2023

golden globe awards

The Golden Globe Awards for 2023 was a historic night for women in the entertainment industry, as a number of talented and accomplished women took home awards in various categories, highlighting their contributions to the world of film and television. Golden Globe awards are an American annual award dedicated to recognizing and honouring excellence in film and television. Golden Globe Awards are presented each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)

Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Coolidge — all women who are 60 or older — had a big night as Golden Globe Winners 2023. Each star won in her category, which was something new in an industry where major roles for older women are very few and ageing isn’t considered good at all. Take note that Yeoh’s role as a woman who finds out a version of herself exists in many parallel universes in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” required fight scenes and she met the physical demands of the part boldly.

Golden Globe Winners 2023

The Golden Globe Awards are a yearly celebration of the best in film and television, and the 2023 ceremony promised to be a memorable one for women achievers in the entertainment industry. This year, a number of talented and accomplished women have been nominated for awards in various categories, highlighting their contributions to the world of film and television. The entertainment industry has been going through an upheaval as women make their voices heard and overturn centuries-old norms.

Female Golden Globe Winners 2023 have their own unique qualities, however, one thing that unites all of them is the passion for excellence. The women who make it to the list of Golden Globe Women Winners are those who have a passion for excellence in their respective fields and strive for doing their best. Check out 7 interesting facts about female golden globe winners 2023-Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Coolidge:

  1. Malaysian actor Michelle Yeoh has won the Golden Globe Award in the Best Actress – Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy category for her performance in the 2022 sci-fi flick Everything Everywhere All at Once. The ballet was Michelle Yeoh’s, first love. While Michelle Yeoh was an all-rounder in school and excelled in swimming and rugby, she wanted to become a ballet dancer. She began her ballet lessons when she was four and continued pursuing her dream after moving to London. She eventually enrolled herself in the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance. (credit: lifestyleasia.com)
  2. Michelle won several beauty pageants. Did you know Michelle has crowned Miss Malaysia in 1983? But that was not the only title she bagged. She also travelled to Australia in 1983 and won several pageants, including Miss Moomba and Queen of the Pacific. (credit: www.malaysia.new.yahoo.com)
  3. Angela Bassett started a career as a receptionist for a beauty salon and then a photo researcher. As a student of fine arts, she looked for opportunities in acting and finally had one in the New York Theater. Angela’s big breakthrough came in 1993 when she landed the role of ‘Tina Turner’ in the biographical film ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It.’ . (credit: thefamouspeople.com sunsigns.org )
  4. When Angela Bassett was very young, many girls of her age had white dolls like ‘Barbie.’ However, she loved the black dolls her Aunt Golden gave her. Several companies started making black dolls following the release of James Brown’s song ‘Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.’ (Credit- thefamouspeople.com)
  5. Jennifer Coolidge got her first big break on Seinfeld. Coolidge began her career with improv and stand-up comedy. (credit: in.hellomagazine.com)
  6. Jennifer Coolidge almost turned down the role of Tanya in White Lotus. With devastating developments taking place across the world, people losing their lives, and being essentially helpless, it took a toll on the actress’ mental and physical health. The project for The White Lotus took her by surprise, and she was on the verge of refusing it. But her friend and the show’s creator, Mike White, convinced her to go for it. credit: in.hellomagazine.com)
  7. Jennifer Coolidge Lent her Home to a Movie Set. When the movie “The Beguiled” was filmed in 2017, there were several scenes from the movie that were shot inside the actress’ home. She lent her New Orleans home to producers and the film crew for shooting, and many shots were later used in the movie.(Credit- tvovermind.com)

 In conclusion, the 2023 Golden Globe Awards are set to be a memorable one for women achievers in the entertainment industry. The nominees have made significant contributions to the world of film and television and their achievements are worth to be celebrated. These women have set a benchmark for future generations and will inspire many more women to come forward and make their mark in the industry.

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