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Soulful Poem: Labyrinth Called Life

Womenlines takes pleasure to share about Eitu Vij Chopra, founder of Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for action/life as an Influencer for Alternative therapies. Eitu provides holistic professional and personalized healing and psychic counselling for every facet of human life be it professional, financial or personal, helping people achieve their goals. This month Eitu is sharing a thought-provoking poem-

Who said it will be roses, sails and calm?
Who said it will be smiles, laughter and charms?
Who said it will be romance, heartmate and only beautiful dance?
Who said it will be sheen, bright and great Chance?
Who said?
TELL THEM IT will be thorns, dark valleys and purgatory trance.
Tell THEM it will be a long walk, no rest and mock.
Tell THEM it’ll be heartbreak, remake and pain to partake.
TELL THEM to struggle to meander through the treacherous labyrinth.
Also forget not to Tell THEM, THAT there”s light at the end of the long dark night.
That the breakthrough is conceivable and achievable power in our might.
That our cracks through this drudgery are in our hands to repair.
AND Can be filled with gold as we for next onslaught prepare .

Educationist/ Fundraiser/Rex Mission Leader Founder at Karmic Therapy by Eitu, Co-founder & Chief Curator at Rex Ideas for Action/life coach and Energy worker/writer and poet. http://www.eituvijchopra.com/, Youtube

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