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Super Achiever Show- Kalaivani Ilango

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Womenlines takes pleasure to welcome Kalaivani Ilango in ‘Super Achiever Show’. Super Achievers are solopreneurs who have achieved incredible goals through their determination, passion and grit. Let’s listen and read in her own words what makes her Super Achiever’-

Kalaivani has been in education line for the past 8 years who has served in secondary as well as Junior college. She has been conducting storytelling workshops motivational, language-related workshops for secondary school students to inculcate deep interest in their Mother Tongue for the past 7 years. Since her school days, she has developed a keen interest in different forms of art such as dance, songwriting, Villupattu, play, story writing, short film directing, mimicry. That rich experience has led and motivated her to be a Tamil Toastmaster today. She holds the position of Vice President Education in Lisha Tamil Toastmaster Club and also an active member and speaker in” Vazhuviyal Illakiya pozhil”. ( A local Literacy club) She is an active debater and Pattimandram ( talk show) speaker who looks forward to speaking in topics related to youth and women.

Furthermore, she has contributed various research papers in conferences such as Tamil Internet Conference 2015 , 2017, Thirukkural conferences such as International conference on peace and harmony through literature text – Thirukkural held at the University of Sydney on 2019. In 2018, 12th world Tamil Teachers conference was held in Singapore. She was the only paper presenter from the team of Tamil Junior College teachers.

Next, she has written plays for school students to perform in schools in Chennai too and many other platforms in Singapore too. Moreover, she is also part of the association of Melaka Indians where she helps in conducting events in Tamil. She is also an active emcee for book launch functions, RC and CC events as well as other Tamil events.

Her keen interest in the language has made her contribute articles to various Tamil magazines such as Serangoon times, Nandavanam, Makkal Manam, Kavingar Manam, Semmozhi etc and Local Tamil newspaper such as Tamil Murasu. She has been writing stories for primary and secondary school students and her aim is to publish the book as a good reading material for youngsters to read. It was a surprise for her when her poems were selected to be published in a book titled “ Yadhumagi” – It is a compilation of 50 female Poets’ poems – a collaboration with NLB and Kavimalai .

When it comes to her recent achievements, it covers a wide range of activities too. She has secured 2nd Runner up in Division T Tamil International Prepared Speech Contest 2019 organised by International Toastmasters in Singapore. She was the only local-born Singaporean who represented in Finals too.

On 12th Aug 2019, she was selected as one of the esteemed speakers for a special episode of Zee Tamil Talkshow “ Tamizha Tamizha” Singapore where a topic the revolves around family, society and work was discussed. She spoke on behalf of women and how Singapore women play their role in nation-building. She was one of the very few local-born Singaporeans who got a chance to represent the local Indian community.

In an upcoming, Tamil International women’ forum titled “ Oodaru” in Singapore will be held on Nov 2 &3 held at National Library Board. Oodaru translates to break through challenges and odds. This women forum had a humble start in 2005 at Swiss where they hold a platform to talk about their struggles. 15 international speakers and 15 inspiring women from Singapore. She is excited to be one of the 15 esteemed speakers to represent Singapore women community.

Her personal motto: If you want to be a lion first, you must have the guts to fight alone. Let tomorrow be the first page of your 365-page diary. Write an incredible story that inspires others.

She also believes that each youngster should shine like a shining star and believe in hard work and determination. In future, she wishes to run a home for orphaned kids and old folks where she can provide a better environment for them to live their aspirations. Most probably in a developing country.

Kalaivani can help the participants who want to participate in Tamil debate, storytelling, essay writing, script writing etc. Moreover, for those who want to take up emceeing for formal as well as informal events. People can approach her for ideas to present. Even if they have a dream to pursue as a motivational speaker, Kalaivani can help them to craft their ideas. Email- Kalaivani_ilango@hotmail.com.

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