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Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory- a tool to determine your leadership style

Womenlines highly recommend that you check out John Mattone’s new book, The Intelligent Leader. John is the world’s top-ranked executive coach and this book brings the insights and tools that are usually reserved for only the top echelon of the business world right into your lap. Reading The Intelligent Leader is like having your own leadership coach, urging you to go deeper, pointing out your blind spots, and always encouraging you to become more. Plus, if you order a copy today, you’ll get free access to the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory ($110 value), which is a tool he’s developed for people to determine their unique leadership style, strengths and developmental opportunities (a $110 value).

“I have found the MLEI to be an accurate measure of a leader’s inner-core maturity as it isolates strengths and gifts that need to be leveraged as well as the weaknesses that need to be addressed. Problems with leadership almost always boil down to immaturity. But the great news is, immaturity can be addressed and overcome once you know where it resides and what it looks like. Based on my leadership enneagram, the nine-pointed diagram that dates back to ancient Babylon, the MLEI helps a person chart their own (or someone else’s) thinking patterns, emotional make-up and feelings, and provides an accurate picture of someone’s overall inner-core maturity. There are three basic leader trait combinations, each of which is further subdivided into three subtypes. We all operate in all three trait combinations and we all possess each one of the nine traits. The most important questions for a leader, however, are: (1) which trait is my most active or predominant trait? and (2) how mature are each of my nine traits and how mature am I overall?

Knowing which of your traits are more active than the others is important, but so is understanding the thoughts and behaviours that can derail you. The person who knows these things stays true to himself or herself, and can often get back on track when derailing attitudes or actions arise.”- John Mattone

Check it out at www.theintelligentleaderbook.com

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